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Water Cycle

Process through which water or a chemical element is continuously recycled in an ecosystem is called a biogeochemical cycle. This recycling process involves both the living organisms (biotic components) and nonliving things (abiotic factors) in the ecosystem.

The biogeochemical cycle that recycles water is the water cycle. The water cycle involves a series of interconnected pathways involving both the biotic and abiotic components of the biosphere

The steps in the water cycle are as follows, starting with the water in the oceans:

1.Water evaporates from the surface of the oceans, leaving behind salts. As the water vapor rises, it collects and is stored in clouds.

2.As water cools in the clouds, condensation occurs. Condensation is when gases turn back into liquids.

3.Condensation creates precipitation. Precipitation includes rain, snow, hail, and sleet. The precipitation allows the water to return again to the Earth’s surface.

4.When precipitation lands on land, the water can sink into the ground to become part of our underground water reserves, also known as groundwater. Much of this underground water is stored in aquifers, which are porous layers of rock that can hold water.

Most precipitation that occurs over land, however, is not absorbed by the soil and is called runoff. This runoff collects in streams and rivers and eventually flows back into the ocean.

Water also moves through the living organisms in an ecosystem. Plants soak up large amounts of water through their roots. The water then moves up the plant and evaporates from the leaves in a process called transpiration.

Chemical elements and water are constantly recycled in the ecosystem through biogeochemical cycles.
During the water cycle, water enters the atmosphere by evaporation and transpiration, and water returns to land by precipitation.


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