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Unifying Principles of Biology

Four unifying principles form the basis of biology. Whether biologists are interested in ancient life, the life of bacteria, or how humans could live on the moon, they base their overall understanding of biology on these four principles:

1.cell theory
2.gene theory

The Gene Theory
The quality hypothesis is the possibility that the attributes of living beings are controlled by qualities, which are passed from guardians to their posterity. A gene is a segment of DNA that has the instructions to encode a protein. Genes are located on larger structures, called chromosomes, that are found inside every cell.

Homeostasis, which is keeping up a stable interior condition or keeping things consistent, isn’t only a normal for living things. It likewise applies to nature overall. Consider the concentration of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere.

Evolution is a change in the characteristics of living things over time. Evolution occurs by a process called natural selection. In regular determination, some living things deliver more posterity than others, so they pass a larger number of qualities to the cutting edge than others do.

An adaptation is a characteristic that helps a living thing survive and reproduce in a given environment.

The cell theory states that all living things are made up of cells, and living cells always come from other living cells.
The gene theory states that the characteristics of living things are controlled by genes.
Homeostasis is maintaining a constant internal environment.
Evolution is a change in species over time.


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