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Temperate climates have moderate temperatures. These climates vary in how much rain they get and when the rain falls.

Mediterranean Climate
Mediterranean climates are found on the western coasts of continents. The latitudes are between 30° and 45°.Temperatures are mild, and rainfall is moderate. Most of the rain falls in the winter, and summers are dry.

Marine West Coast Climate
Marine west coast climates are also found on the western coasts of continents. They occur between 45° and 60° latitude.

Humid Subtropical Climate
Humid subtropical climates are found on the eastern sides of continents between about 20° and 40° latitude.

Different temperate climates are at different latitudes. The latitude a climate depends on where it is on a continent.
The Mediterranean climate has wet winters and dry summers.
The marine west coast climate gets lots of rain from the nearby ocean.
In the humid subtropical climate, summers are wet but winters are very cold.

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