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Software is a general term used for computer programs that control the operations of the computer. A program is a sequence of instructions that perform a particular task. A set of programs form a software. It is the software which gives hardware its capability.

Types of Software

Software can be broadly are categorized as: 

1. System Software

2. Application Software

3. Utility Software

System Software

System Software is the software that is directly related to coordinating computer operations and performs tasks associated with controlling and utilizing computer hardware. These programs assist in running application programs and are designed to control the operation of a computer system. System software directs the computer what to do, when to do and how to do. System software can be further categorized into Operating System Language Translators

Application Software

An application software is bought by the user to perform specific applications or tasks, say for example making a document or making a presentation or handling inventory or managing the employee database. An application software can be of two types – General Purpose Application Software and Customized Application software.


A utility software is one which provides certain tasks that help in proper maintenance of the computer. The job of utility programs is to keep the computer system running smoothly. Nowadays many utility softwares are part of the operating system itself. Even if there is no utility software on your computer, the computer works but with the right kind of utility software loaded, the computer becomes more reliable and even its processing speed increases. Some of the commonly use utility softwares are antivirus, Disk defragmenter, backup, compression etc.



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