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Scientific Models in Biology:-

Scientific models are representations of reality. “They can be a physical, numerical, or coherent portrayals of a framework, marvel, or process, and they enable researchers to examine a wonder controlledly.”

Scientific modeling is the process of making abstract models of natural phenomena. An abstract model is a theoretical construct that represents something. “Models are created to permit thinking inside a streamlined structure that is like the marvels being examined. A recreation is a model that keeps running after some time. A simulation brings a model to life and shows how a particular object or phenomenon will behave.

Theories as Models
Scientific theories are constructed in order to explain, predict, and understand phenomena. This could include explanations for the movement of planets, weather patterns, or the behavior of animals. In many instances we are constructing models of reality.

Scientific models are representations of reality. They can be a physical, mathematical, or logical representation of a system, phenomenon, or process, and they allow scientists to investigate a phenomenon in a controlled way.
A simulation is a model that runs over time.


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