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Scientific Methods

Logical examinations inspect, increase new learning, or expand on past information about wonders. A wonder, is any event that is discernible.

Newton made observations of the phenomenon of the moon’s orbit, Galileo Galilee made observations of phenomena related to swinging pendulums and Charles Darwin made observations of unique plant and animal species.

Scientific methods are based on gathering observable, empirical (produced by experiment or observation), and measurable evidence that is critically evaluated.

Scientific Investigations

The scientific method is not a step by step, linear process. It is a way of learning about the world through the application of knowledge. Scientists must be able to have an idea of what the answer to an investigation should be.

Making Observations

Scientists first make observations that raise questions. An observation is the act of noting or detecting phenomenon through the senses.


Scientific investigations involve the collection of data through observation, the formation and testing of hypotheses by experimentation, and analysis of the results that involves reasoning.


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