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“Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.” – Jennifer Fleming.

In the recent times, we have seen the schooling structure change drastically furthermore over the past few decades, the influence of technology upon children and education has been immense. The teaching methods, the timings and even the curriculum, everything seems to be changing with time. Education is no longer equated with money henceforth great education for your kid is not a dream anymore. Nowadays everyone has a smart phone on which school mobile app can be downloaded and thus the power of education is in everyone’s grip.

Lately there are many school mobile apps in the market and they are combining school systems with technology, which is indeed a great combination. Conventional books are often considered to be monotonous and tiresome, and replacing it with colorful animations along with pictures is giving a new meaning to learning. Learning is much more fun than it used to be. The objective of these school mobile apps is to aid students in finding relevant information with respect to academic curriculum.

These apps will have old question papers, subject related information, sample questions and other materials to prepare a student for an exam and general learning. The benefits of these apps are immense which are discussed below.

Boost in Interaction: It has been seen that school mobile apps make children more interactive furthermore trigger better engagement between parents and children. It also gives the parents the chance to participate and engage with their children in the most effective way while using the app.

Full on Entertainment: Mobile app promotes entertainment, as it is an active activity. Games brewing learning is changing the face of the education. Like games, level based learning instills determination to pass each level among the user. Now there will be no tough class lecture and boring home works.

(24*7) Availability: The best part of the school mobile apps is that they are available round the clock. Now wherever you are with your phone you can conduct your own classroom at your own convenience. Due to child-friendly control app learning is not time-bound learning, its relaxed learning.

Work your way through Leisure Hour: No one likes to sit ideal and definitely the parents don’t like to see their child glued to the “idiot box”. Talking or browsing irrelevant subject on the internet is not at all wise way to kill time or boredom.

Save the Earth: We can take the stand of saving millions of trees that are being chopped down to make paper, means lush greenery for future generation. With Mobile learning, one can attain sustainability. Using an app to complete a lesson is much more effective as it is learning from experience rather than from compulsion.

PiRuby’s mighty database that is flooded with important information regarding different subjects and topics. A student will find it easy to use and much easier to learn using PiRuby app.

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