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Reduce Reuse Recycle :-



Diminishing means diminishing the measure of waste we make. That could likewise mean eliminating utilization of normal assets.


*Turn lights off when not using them.

*Turn the television off when no one is watching.

*Replace burned out bulbs with ones that are more energy-efficient (Figure below).

*Reduce water use by turning off faucets when not using water.

*Use low-flow shower heads, which save on water and use less energy.

*Use low-flush and composting toilets.

*Put kitchen and garden waste into a compost pile



Reusing includes using the same item again for the same function and also using an item again for a new function. Reuse can have both economic and environmental benefits. New packaging regulations are helping society to move towards these goals. Water is a resource that can be reused for numerous purposes. Some ways of reusing resources include:


*Use reusable bags when shopping.

*Use gray water. Water that has been used for laundry, for example, can be used to water the garden or flush toilets.

*At the town level, purified sewage water can be used for fountains, watering public parks or golf courses, fire fighting, and irrigating crops.

*Rain can be caught in rain barrels and used to water your garden.



Sometimes it may be difficult to understand the differences between reusing and recycling. Recycling involves processing used materials in order to make them suitable for other uses. That usually means taking a used item, breaking it down, and reusing the pieces. Despite the fact that reusing requires additional vitality, it does frequently make utilization of things which are broken, exhausted, or can’t be reused.


The things that are commonly recycled include:



Biodegradable waste.


Iron and steel.







Reducing waste, as well as reusing and recycling resources, can help save natural resources

Consumers can influence companies to become more environmentally friendly.


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