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We are all trying to cultivate the best approach to study without tiring or boring ourselves.Effective studying method is our goal is the need of the hour before the exams. Improving learning capabilities has always been a major priority for different educational institutes and thus helping students succumbed to despair requires exclusive approach toward learning. In this blog, we would talk mostly about the two widely used techniques that will help you prepare for the exam thoroughly. Thesetwo methods that are particularly popular with students.

A survey conducted revealed that 84 percent of the students studied by re-reading their notes or textbooks have excelled in exams than those who bluntly gone through their textbook and memorizing everything. Despite its popularity, re-reading has its own inconsistencies which have insignificant effect on student’s learning. But students apparently benefit from re-reading when they must recall texts by memory.

Re-reading may not always enhance students’ understanding of what they read, and it doesn’t have long-lasting resonance. Re-reading are relatively quite easy for students to do, but they should be encouraged to use other methods as well (such as practice testing, distributed practice, or self-explanation) when they revisit their text andnotes.

The use of highlighters is a customary practice across students and quite a favorite one too, as compared to reading a text.However, highlighting failed miserably to help students of all sorts, including children and undergraduate students from time to time. Some studies reported that students who highlighted while reading performed worse on tests of comprehension, wherein they needed to make inferences that required connecting different ideas across the text. As, in this case, focusing on individual concepts while highlighting, resulted in spending less time thinking about connections across concepts. Though highlighting has its advantages, students need to know that highlighting is only the beginning of the journey and as soon as they read and highlight something important, they should restudy the material using more-effective strategies to help them understand and remember it whenever needed.

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