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For Students

  • Instantaneous discovery of educational content by several experts.

  • Multi-sensory personalized learning.

  • Concept based learning with auto-extraction of important concepts in each textbook page.

  • Emphasis on practical application/real-life knowledge.

  • Organize concepts into mind-maps to understand them better.

  • Adaptive assessment that is tailored to the student’s capacity.

For Parents

  • Increased student’s engagement with textbooks.

  • Less burdensome to get your kids to study.

  • Significant reduction in routine assistance needed for students.

  • Deeper insights into student’s interests and career goals.

  • Access to only online educational content, no distractions.

For Teachers and Tutors

  • Instant access to online reference materials

  • Presentation of relevant multimedia content during class.

  • After-class personalized self-study is enabled for students.

  • Anywhere access to study and revision for students.

  • Access to only safe educational content.