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Software are mainly categorised into the following categories based on their licenses:
1. Proprietary : We pay a supplier for a copy of the software which these days may be supplied on physical media (disks) or downloaded from the Internet. We get the permission to use the software on one or sometimes more than one machines.
2. Shareware : Shareware is basically a software for trial purpose that the user is allowed to try for free, for a specified period of time. It is usually downloaded from the Internet. When the trial period ends, the software must be purchased or uninstalled.
3. Freeware : Freeware software is free of cost and is usually bundled up with some operating system or any other software. Examples of freeware include Microsoft Internet Explorer which comes bundled up with any Microsoft operating system. The author of the freeware software is the owner of the software, though people may
use it for free.
4. Open source : Open Source Software (OSS) is the software which gives the users freedom to run/use the software for any purpose and in any manner. They can be used, modified and even redistributed. In simple terms it can be freely used but it may not be free of charge.
5. Free Software : This type of software is freely accessible and can be freely used, modified, copied or distributed by anyone. And no licence fee or any other form of payment need to be made for a free software. The source code is also accessible in case of free


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