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Oil is a liquid fossil fuel that is extremely useful because it can be transported easily and can be used in cars and other vehicles. Oil is currently the single largest source of energy in the world.

Oil Formation:
Oil from the ground is called crude oil, which is a mixture of many different hydrocarbons. Crude oil is a thick dark brown or black liquid hydrocarbon. Oil also forms from buried dead organisms, but these are tiny organisms that live on the sea surface and then sink to the seafloor when they die. The dead organisms are kept away from oxygen by layers of other dead creatures and sediments. As the layers pile up, heat and pressure increase. Over millions of years, the dead organisms turn into liquid oil.

Oil Production:
In order to be collected, the oil must be located between a porous rock layer and an impermeable layer. Trapped above the porous rock layer and beneath the impermeable layer, the oil will remain between these layers until it is extracted from the rock.

To separate the different types of hydrocarbons in crude oil for different uses, the crude oil must be refined in refineries.. Refining is possible because each hydrocarbon in crude oil boils at a different temperature. When the oil is boiled in the refinery, separate equipment collects the different compounds.

Oil Use:
Most of the compounds that come out of the refining process are fuels, such as gasoline, diesel, and heating oil. Because these fuels are rich sources of energy and can be easily transported, oil provides about 90% of the energy used for transportation around the world. The rest of the compounds from crude oil are used for waxes, plastics, fertilizers, and other products.
Gasoline is in a convenient form for use in cars and other transportation vehicles.

Liquid fossil fuels include petroleum, which is useful for vehicles because it is easily stored and transported.
Petroleum is also extremely important for materials like waxes, plastics, fertilizers, and other products.
Extracting petroleum from the ground and transporting it can be damaging to the environment.

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