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Oil Drop Experiment

Millikan did a progression of tests in the vicinity of 1908 and 1917 that enabled him to decide the charge of a solitary electron, broadly know as the oil drop explore

He splashed minor drops of oil into a chamber. In his initially try, he basically measured how quick the drops fell under the power of gravity. He could then compute the mass of the individual drops.

At that point he showered oil drops and connected an electrical charge to them by sparkling X-beams up through the base of the mechanical assembly. The X-beams ionized the air, making electrons append to the oil drops. The oil drops grabbed static charge and were suspended between two charged plates.

Millikan used the information to calculate the charge of an electron. He determined the charge to be 1.5924 × 10-19 C, where C stands for coulomb, which is one ampere/second.

The oil drop experiment allowed Millikan to determine the charge on the electron.
He later used this data to determine the mass of the electron.


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