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Mitosis Meiosis
Purpose To produce new cells To produce gametes

Number of Cells Produced 2 4

Rounds of Cell Division 1 2

Haploid or Diploid Diploid Haploid

Daughter cells identical to parent cells? Yes No

Daughter cells identical to each other? Yes No
Term Definition
binary fission Reproduction through growth and division of the cell, as in bacteria.
daughter cells Cells that result from division of the parent cell during mitosis or meiosis.
diploid Having two sets of chromosomes; 2n.
fertilization Union of a sperm and egg.
gamete Sex cell, such as sperm or egg.
haploid Having one set of chromosomes, as in sperm and egg; n.
meiosis Process in cell division that reduces the chromosome number in order to make gametes.
mitosis Process in cell division during which the nucleus divides so that a new cell is produced that is identical to the parent cell.
zygote Cell that forms when a sperm and egg unite; the first cell of a new organism.


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