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Mendel’s Pea Plants:-

Mendel and His Pea Plants
Individuals have long realized that the qualities of living things are comparable in guardians and their posterity. Whether it’s the flower color in pea plants or nose shape in people, it is obvious that offspring resemble their parents.

Mendel’s revelations shaped the premise of hereditary qualities, the art of heredity. That’s why Mendel is often called the “father of genetics.” It’s not common for a single researcher to have such an important impact on science.

Controlling Pollination
To look into how attributes are passed from guardians to posterity, Mendel expected to control fertilization. Fertilization is the treatment venture in the sexual generation of plants. Pollen consists of tiny grains that are the male gametes of plants. They are produced by a male flower part called the anther.

Pea plants are naturally self-pollinating. In self-pollination, pollen grains from anthers on one plant are transferred to stigmas of flowers on the same plant.

When pollen from one plant fertilizes another plant of the same species, it is called cross-pollination. The offspring that result from such a cross are called hybrids.
Gregor Mendel tried different things with pea plants to figure out how qualities are passed from guardians to posterity. Mendel’s disclosures shaped the premise of hereditary qualities, the art of heredity.
Cross-pollination produces hybrids.

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