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It is absolutely astonishing and lovely to see how kids view and interpret their world. Children’s many “why” questions are opportunities for inquiry furthermore we transition to inquiry-based learning in our interactions with our own children. Children with the help of advance learning and technology have developed beyond-objectives mindset, which is critical to targeting students’ learning goals. High School Math propagates one-on-one time along with good reading model practices by making predictions. Math Lesson Plans make way for specific choices that provide opportunity to go beyond the objectives, resulting in deeper learning and surprising connections. With the help of some external help, the learner can reflect, conjecture and revisit, thereby supporting themselves in the productive struggle. Also, another critical choice is to ask for an explanation during the process of learning to correctly identify the depth of the knowledge, inherited by understanding the concept. Thereby strengthening reasoning, this eventually will lead to mathematical discourse.

It’s an important question to ask oneself that students from diverse backgrounds with varied mathematical experiences, can effortlessly and successfully transition into a dynamic of inquiry-based learning environment? The answer is quite lucid, inquiry-based learning when first introduced to the pedagogical method in the form of online learning has created wonders for the learners. Math Lesson Plans by PiRuby objectifies to develop with three prominent ideologies.

  • Plan beyond objectives.
  • Activate a beyond-objectives mindset during implementation.
  • Embrace baby steps.

In the making of PiRuby the team was entirely focused on giving the best, so our Math Lesson Plan app concentrates on

  • Identify the lesson goal.
  • Describe evidence of learning.
  • Identify critical elements that are necessary for all students to have access to learning.
  • Select or create a task that is oriented to meet the goal of the lesson.
  • Select or develop open-ended launch questions.

Purposely planning beyond objectives in high School math takes patience, time and practice. Collaborating with fellow students and teachers is the critical aspect of the planning process. With us, students get the chance to develop frameworks for thinking as they participate in discussion with numerous experts from different countries. These experts are experienced in their respective fields and are continuously providing the students with study material, observations along with preaching of theoretical and practical aspects of any given subject. Nowadays in some instances, reaching beyond your school to connect with teachers and experts seems legitimate and crucial for an effective learning. Students from different background want to pursue opportunities to connect virtually with other teachers so that in-depth knowledge can be attended in the most extensive sense. PiRuby wants the students to indulge in step by step understanding rather than directing their concentration towards the outcome.


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