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Normally the night before the exam, and most of the high school students begin to study! They take out their highlighter and read the textbook, marking as they go along. Often, they read, procrastinate and then reread sentences that seem most important and stays up most of the night (of course sipping tea/coffee), hoping to get a good enough grasp of the textbook so that they can do well in the exam. The study method is quite affluent among students as they learned it from their friends, teachers or simply on their own. For many students, the world seems to be over just before the exam, and relying on strategies such as highlighting, rereading and cramming the night before an exam seems to be a natural phenomenon.

A lot of times students are delusional in believing that these relatively ineffective strategies are actually the most effective ones. On the surface, they do seem like a soundproof plan, and inarguably after burning midnight oil, students manage to crack exams effectively, success is all that matter isn’t it? Unfortunately, these strategies are fraudulent and feeble, especially in the long run where students want to retain the knowledge and understanding of the subject even after the exam is over. The education goal of a student shall be the understanding rather than mugging.

The question now arises, “if these learning methodologies are inappropriate and mundane why do students keep on applying it”? The blunder can be noticed in the modus operandi of teaching by the educators and teachers. The curriculum taught in the schools today is somewhat subjugated out of the Industrial era where students were made to practice obedience, discipline and following orders. These students were not encouraged by innovation and creativity and following orders earn them rewards. School and colleges put on extra emphasis on what needs to learn rather than how the things learned can be put into implementation and conclusion can be drawn out of it. Skill development is efficient and uttermost necessary in the new era to support better learning. The role in this modern era for the employees are entirely different from the industrial age and the mode of acquiring knowledge have evolved so it’s important to know the new methodologies for the better scope of learning.

PiRuby has introduced the Visualize-Organize-Access methodology for effectively learning each topic. Here in PiRuby you can visualize the in-depth of any concept through video along with the availability to organize the concept on a mind map. To master the concept, you can take questionnaire and short quizzes which will strengthen your knowledge of the concept.

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