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Don’t be intimidated by the fancy name, Interleaved practice or learning means if you study a couple of things at once you will learn more. Let us take an example, if you are learning geography and you have three different topics river, droughts and pollution. One might consider the best way to study everything is simply concentrating on rivers, making sure that you know it really well before moving on to the next topic, it makes sense isn’t it? It’s better to focus on one topic and get really good at it and then tackle the next topic. But the practice or the way of learning is wrong, one must build the strongest path possible in the brain so that it last as long as possible. You might consider getting lost on one topic is the best way to do it but actually, research shows that this approach is not effective. In order to build a good pathway in the brain, one has to put in extra effort, for the brain effort means working hard. So, if you study rivers, droughts, and earthquakes all at the same time, the brain will jump between three different topics which are a lot harder than just staying in one. The brain puts in a lot of effort and you will learn the three topics much better. But fair warning it will feel more difficult than studying one topic at a time but know that all the effort is growing the potential of your brain and hence your learning will jumpstart. In contrast to massed practice, interleaving problems require distributing practice, which by itself benefits student achievement. Moreover, massed practice takes away the opportunity to practice identifying problems (i.e thinking what to apply), whereas interleaved practice forces students to practice doing so.

Through interleaving study practice, when a new problem is presented, students will be able to figure out which kind of problem it is and what steps they need to take to solve it. PiRuby allows study-on-demand, the student can bookmark and highlight notes on the topic and keep for future reference. PiRuby’s enormous library not only gives you through introduction to different subject but also help you keep track of the history of your searched and learned topics for future referencing. Exploiting such methodologies offered by PiRuby can help attain desired outcome as one can easily take advantage of the interleaved practice switching from one subject from another.

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