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It is a client/server software program that allows multiple users to communicate online with real time audio, video and text chat in dynamic 3D environments. It provides the most advanced form of communication technology available today. It is a vision of what
internet will become tomorrow. The users will be able to communicate in multiple ways and from multiple sources instantly.Interspace is a vision of what internet Will become in near future . it will enable Internet users to cross correlate the information in multiple ways . the interspace Will offer distributed Services to transfer concepts across different domains. The technical functionality of future information infrastructure will focus More on information analysis. As internet evolves into the interspace, the basic model of user interaction will change. Physical machine will be replaced by information objects. A typical session with the net will be like a reference session in a library. It will increase curiosity to satisfy the increased satisfaction. We will go through multiple sources to achieve it. It will no more be a mere connection to a database in order to obtain the correct answer for a specific query. Classification of collection will be needed at many levels by a variety of users. Indexing in the net will become a key addition for the interspace. An index is the classification of a group of objects that enables effective search for a particular type of collection. Today , there are many clients,servers and gateways; but very few indexes. Currently large indexes are maintained by big organization for different types of objects covering books journal artworks etc. Thus, analysis in the interspace will become powerful long term asset. A user who navigates a path through multiple sources will indicate what he she is interested in.


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