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Importance of Protists:-

Protists are a strange and diverse group of organisms. They are so strange that scientists have a tough time defining and classifying them. They are not animals, plants, fungi, or bacteria. As a result, taxonomists, scientists that name, describe, and classify organisms, created a special classification to group these misfits: Kingdom Protista. The protists include organisms that are plant-like (such as algae), organisms that are animal-like (such as amoebas), and organisms that are fungus-like (such as slime molds). It turns out that protists from each of these groups are important to life on Earth.

Humans use protists for many other reasons:
1.Many protists are likewise normally utilized as a part of restorative research. For instance, prescriptions produced using protists are utilized as a part of treatment of hypertension, assimilation issues, ulcers, and joint pain.

2.Other protists are used in scientific studies. For example, slime molds (including D. discoideum, a soil-living protist) are used to analyze the chemical signals in cells.

3.Protists are also valuable in industry. Look on the back of a milk carton. You will most likely see carrageenan, which is extracted from red algae. This is used to make puddings and ice cream solid. Chemicals from other kinds of algae are used to produce many kinds of plastics.

Protists make up a huge part of the food chain and supply much of the oxygen we breathe.
Protists are used in medicine and as food additives.

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