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Mollusks are important in a variety of ways; they are used as food, for decoration, in jewelry, and in scientific studies. They are even used as roadbed material and in vitamin supplements.

Mollusks as Food
Edible species of mollusks include numerous species of clams, mussels, oysters, scallops, marine and land snails, squid, and octopuses. Many species of mollusks, such as oysters, are farmed in order to produce more than could be found in the wild

Mollusks in Decoration and Jewelry
Two natural products of mollusks used for decorations and jewelry are pearls and nacre. A pearl is the hard, round object produced within the mantle of a living shelled mollusk. Pearls are produced by many bivalves when a tiny particle of sand or grit is trapped between the mantle and the shell. It’s as if the mollusk has a splinter.

Mollusks in Scientific Studies
Several mollusks are ideal subjects for scientific investigation of the nervous system. The giant squid has a sophisticated nervous system and a complex brain for study.

Some mollusks, such as oysters and scallops, are important food sources.
Mollusks are used for decoration and are important in scientific studies.

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