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Human Population

If we look at worldwide human population growth from 10,000 BCE through today, our growth looks like exponential growth. It increased very slowly at first, but later grew faster and faster as the population increased in size


Five Stages:

Stage     Description

1              Birth and death rates are high and population growth is stable. This occurred in early human history.

2              Significant drop in death rate, resulting in exponential growth. This occurred in 18th- and 19th-century Europe.

3              Population size continues to grow.

4              Birth rates equal death rates and populations become stable.

5              Total population size may level off.


Future Growth

There are two different beliefs about what type of growth the human population will undergo in the future:

*Neo-Malthusians believe that human population growth cannot continue without destroying the environment, and maybe humans themselves.

*Cornucopias believe that the Earth can give humans a limitless amount of resources. They also believe that technology can solve problems caused by limited resources, such as lack of food.


The human population is undergoing exponential growth.

Future outlooks on human population growth differ; some think we will have a limitless amount of resources, while others think we have already reached our carrying capacity.


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