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Human Causes of Extinction


Other Causes of Extinction

In addition to habitat destruction, other human-caused problems are also threatening many species. These include issues associated with climate change, pollution, and over-population.


Global Warming

Another major cause of extinction is global warming, which is also known as global climate change. During the past century, the Earth’s average temperature has risen by almost 1°C.



Pollution adds chemicals, noise, heat, or even light to an environment. This can have many different harmful effects on all kinds of organisms.


Human Overpopulation

Human populations are on the rise. The human population passed the 7 billion mark in October of 2011, and will pass 8 and 9 billion probably before the middle of the century. All these people will need resources such as places to live, food to eat, and water to drink, and they will use energy and create waste. Essentially, human population growth can effect all other causes of extinction.



Global climate change is a major cause of extinctions.

Pollution of chemicals, noise, heat, or even light to an environment can be harmful to organisms.


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