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The definition of concentration is easy to understand, to able to fixate your course of action for the accomplishment of the task at hand. Simple! Isn’t it? It can also be said that Concentration is a key technique to achieve success, particularly for students. Our mind is way more complex than we actually know but the most powerful vessel to create and envision greatness. But the fate of the greatness is extremely circumstantial. The more you are fascinated by the concept of accomplishment (here greatness) the more distracted your mind would be dreaming of the resulting outcome. As Swami Vivekananda said and I quote “The Power of Concentration is the only Key to the treasure house of Knowledge”, he was wise to enlighten us that:

  • Mind wanders after every few seconds
  • Mind rebels to concentrate on the same subject as it can be boring! It wants variety!
  • Some of the repeated thoughts bother us (Analysis of such thoughts indicate most of these thoughts are negative in nature)

We can try to find an answer to why the mind wanders aimlessly or can try to find the answer on what can be done about it; in my opinion, the later seem more sensible.

Concentration is the state of mind that can be attained, Nonsense! Whom are we kidding being friends with smartphones don’t help in the noble cause does it? But if you are serious about concentrating your mind on something you have to decide! What you want to concentrate on. Once you are through with the painstaking oath of deciding the need of the hour come avoidance. Yes! Avoiding multitasking, loud noises, visual stimulation will help you break the chain of dispersal. Our mind and heart are the two biggest motivators so if you are motivated enough to complete the assignment or learn the piece by heart, nothing can stop you. Initially, you will feel like it’s not your cup of tea as you can’t control your mind, going gala over different issues or getting distracted each second. With persistence and determination along with keeping yourself calm, you can achieve increased cosmic energy.

Once you calm your nerves down try to develop concentration by repeated practice and reducing anxieties in your mind. Here are some tips you can exercise:

  • Deep breathing helps you to relax and concentrate better
  • Accept your anxieties and stress and learn to relax your mind by sitting silently
  • Record your mental wanderings and see if there is pattern and why your mind is digressing to those wanderings
  • Change the topic of study to the second subject of interest and then come back to the first one after 1 hour.
  • Don’t sit in a frozen and rigid position, be at ease. And also sit in a secluded and quiet place to concentrate better

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