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Habitat Destruction

Most people live in a few different places and go to a number of different schools throughout their life. But a plant or animal may not be able to adapt to a changed habitat. A habitat is the natural home or environment of an organism.People regularly crush the natural surroundings of different life forms. Living space devastation can cause the annihilation of species.

Extinction is the complete disappearance of a species. Once a species is extinct, it can never recover. Some ways humans cause habitat destruction are by clearing land and by introducing non-native species of plants and animals.

Slash-and-Burn Agriculture
Other habitats that are being rapidly destroyed are forests, especially tropical rainforests. The largest cause of deforestation today is slash-and-burn agriculture. This means that when people want to turn a forest into a farm, they cut down all of the trees and then burn the remainder of the forest

Non-native Species
One of the main causes of extinction is introduction of exotic species into an environment. These exotic and new species can also be called invasive species or non-native species. These non-native species, being new to an area, may not have natural predators in the new habitat, which allows their populations to easily adapt and grow. Invasive species out-compete the native species for resources.

There are many causes of habitat destruction, including clearing of land and introduction of invasive species.
Slash-and-burn agriculture can lead to desertification, meaning the fertile top soil is lost.


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