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The father of periodic table Dmitri Mendeleev, the Russian scientist, as well as an educator of the 19th century, was also credited to be the first scientist to use Gamification in education. The benefits of Gamification in education can be highlighted by demonstrating the use of Gamification in two different ways. The first manner involves inculcation of video game play into everyday use. The level of engagement and the entertainment value of indulging in video games can motivate a learner to accomplish a task which is normally seen as boring, monotonous and laborious, such as learning. Dmitri Mendeleev a card enthusiast used cards as a mean to categorize different element know to human beings in such a manner that he could understand and remember. He then for the sake of fun and learning turned the classification into a card game by listing the elements and its information available to him on the card. It helped him to get a grip on the different element hence relating all the elements to one other. After that, he published his findings thus led scientist around the world to discover new elements filling the gaps of Mendeleev’s finding. This further led to the development of the periodic table and eventually leading to the birth of the modern periodic table.

Mendeleev was never an extraordinary student until he formulated the understanding of periodic table with the help of Gamification. This shows the benefits of Gamification in education as well as the impact it will have on the modern teaching methods and students despite their previous achievement.

Gamification e-learning or Gamification has driven the horizon of learning to a whole new level. Gamification is the buzz of e-learning era; for all, we know engaging in video games

  • Motivates and challenges the player to give his/her best.
  • Instant feedbacks help the player to overcome obstacles and perfect themselves.
  • Real-time evaluation gives an overview of the progress they have made.
  • Hence in the process video games helps developing skills to reach next level of expertise making learning experience eventful and excitin

Benefits of Gamification in Education have a drastic effect on educating the mass. Gamification aid in cognitive development, thus inculcating it to learning will develop that specific part of the brain which is associated with adequate development. Such cognitive developing games are termed as “brain games”. Now a day brain games have become much popular furthermore it indulges the learner with various questions and problems to solve which offer a fun learning experience. Interactive game exercises are found to be the most effective and efficient form of education, kids who love to play games find it alluring as it endeavors them into a cocoon of fun learning, thus it will have a long-term benefit.

Benefits of Gamification in education can overturn the medium of engagement in the classroom as Gamification can be used as an effective teaching tool to educate students of all needs. Gamification in education has shown tremendous signs of autism among children, as teaching age-appropriate content as a training package through Gamification showed extensive involvement. 

E-learning Gamification has revolutionized courses revolving around compliance training or school-based subject learning, the objective is to instill the knowledge into the learner. But on top of it making sure that the learner can recall the knowledge an implementing it in a given scenario. Gamification entitles the learner with the knowledge absorption and boosting retention values by mixing awareness of real-world benefits and endorphins. 

Gamification e-learning pave the path for the learner to see the real world application and gain expertise in the subject matter. It encourages them to make bold and sound decisions, as well as help, cultivate the natural instinct with spontaneous decision making procedure. To summarize it gives an essence to the learner to get a firm grip on how to apply the knowledge to tackle a real-time situation. The virtual education is subjected to trial and error method so that practical engagement will not have any margin for error. 

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