Nightmare! In the day, that that is what you see when the exams are near. The year passed by and now you wake up from your hibernation period cursing yourself “why did I waste my entire year”? Neglecting what required reading over the year is now bearing fruits for you, isn’t it? You now might feel like you have dug your own grave thus mustering all your might to cram a year’s worth of syllabus over a short span. Great! You have overcome benightment, and now you are ready for your journey toward successful examination.
You should consider the fact that you are not Einstein or Heisenberg that studying 12-14 hours straight will do you any good if you could ever pull it. Overstressing never helped anyone not even the gladiators’ fighting for their life. Various researchers suggested that effective study with full of concentration involves small dosage of study hours followed by short breaks. The focus and the course of action should be how much you studied rather than how long you studied. You see the quality is always better than the quantity. Here I am going give out the success mantra for an effective study session before your big exam.
Proportion Matters
Like medicine overdosing, study hours could be lethal to your health. Meaning, divide what you need to cover in smaller segments, instead of taking huge portions. If you rush your way through learning, the faster you learned the quicker it will leave your mind, leaving you clueless during the exam. Use Pomodoro technique, which is an effective way of learning.
Utilization of Time
Stressing over unfinished business will not help it finish any sooner. So taking a break means strictly taking a break, no thinking or talking about the exam or studying.
Understanding the core material such as important theorems, formulas, events, graphs or laws should be considered as high priority so if done first. It will secure a good portion of the syllabus as it is far more likely to come in the exam. So when the time is luxury, concentrating on the core material of different subjects.
Go Tradition Ways
You might have heard it many times “learn and write”, which you paid little attention to no attention. Now is the time to literally implement it as it is one effective method. It will also help you retain what you have learned for a long time as you are not only seeing it but you are also hearing it.
Learn Rather Than Memorize
Use visual cues or make a visual chart to constantly remind you of the things that needs remembering. Scientist have proclaimed that visual learning are better than audio learning as visual simulations are way more powerful than audio simulations.
The Battle Cry
If you are well prepared that is not at all enough, you need to be well rested before the final showdown. So revise and then have a good sleep to boost your memory.
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