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The age of industrialization and the digital age are very different from each other and hence effective study method is not a matter of chance. Different esteemed institutions from around the globe such as Stanford, Indiana and Chicago conducted research with student groups to shed light on the most effective study methods.

Today’s generation is distracted, overworked and continuously craving for social acceptance and collectively losing the quality of study time that most can’t get the better out of it. Ace students toping all exams even crave for the smarter way of learning an eradicated the hard way. It’s not always possible to ditch the I-pad or study when you are sleepy so what should one do to cultivate the education and life balance?


Summarization involves writing the most important ideas within a text topic. It has shown some success in helping undergraduate students learn, although younger students who have difficulties writing high-quality summaries may need extensive help to benefit from this strategy. In one study, teachers received training on how to teach their students to summarize. The teachers were trained to provide clear instruction, describing the summarization strategy to students. They taught students to practice summarizing and provided feedback and encouraging students to monitor and check their work. Students completed few sessions (about 50 minutes each) of coaching, learning to summarize in short paragraphs. Afterwards, they progressed to using to take effective notes and finally to summarize a text chapter.

Summarizing can be an important skill in its own right & helps improve learning. But comprehension may not be as effective as using other less-demanding Methods.

PiRuby introduces effective summarization tool in the form of Visual Notes, also known Concept maps or mind maps. Once a learner can organize the important concepts and sub-concepts in a textbook section, research says that a learner is able to understand that topic better. Importantly, organizing the concepts in a visual form using kinaesthetic (hand gestures) engages the learner intensely. Given that PiRuby enables quick revision of such Visual Notes, recall is higher when a learner is able to quickly revise them anywhere and at any place using any device.

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