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India has always looked in the education from the prism of demography, the blessing of being the country with most numbers of youngsters (under the age of 25) have made the education system the most sophisticated and superlative. This means in the next couple of year India will be thriving with youthful productive dynamic working age population. But this will only happen if we get the skill development and education of this younger generation is executed correctly. But if we fail in our effort to equip these youngsters through skill training and education, to take advantage of the opportunity that the world has to offer it will be a humongous disaster. There is nothing more dangerous than a large number uneducated, unemployed and undereducated people in a society. Here we will talk about some of the unbelievable facts of education in India.

  1. Indian education system is the epitome of learning, with its vast contribution to the area of learning and varied culture. The highest number of scholars in the world comes out of the vast geographical and traditional backgrounds of India with expertise in the field of science, mathematics, socio and economic studies etc.
  2. Half of the country’s population belongs to the age group of 16-29, among that 10 percent of the population belongs to the age group of 18-23 which is almost 12 crore in numbers. If such a huge mass is equipped with both skill training and knowledge could propel the country’s entrepreneurial and competitive spirit towards making India into a global power.
  3. Though inexpensive, excellence in India education is contesting the similar education of the developed countries. Clubbed with both online and offline learning along with in-campus off-campus and distance learning have paved the path of unrestricted and unrestrained learning opportunity.
  4. Indian education market holds the largest investment in terms of wealth, as the nation yielding more than 100 billion US dollars and growing each fiscal year. It is estimated that the e-learning market in India will reach 40 billion US dollars in this year.
  5. The alarming fact about Indian education is that only 11 percent of the students enroll for higher education comparing to the 83 percent enrollment ration of USA.
  6. Digital literacy that dictates the growth of a nation is only 15 percent in India. The government of India has initiated Digital India initiative to promote digital literacy. It is expected to touch 50 percent in the coming three years.
  7. Each year the number of students migrating to other countries for quality education and specialization is astounding. More than 2 Lakhs students get student visa on the basis of scholarship cracked, or simply going for different academic work.
  8. Currently more than half of the country’s population is in the work force. It comprises of more than 60 crore people and growing in the age group of 22-30 years.

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