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Adopting E-learning for students will be very rewarding. Online learning is an extraordinary educational platform which offers students of current digital generation flexibility, an infinite supply of resources, tailored study patterns, free educational assistance, improved interaction capabilities for students, and also a digital frame with a range of research and exchange of opinions and thoughts at a global level.

With everything turning digital in the present-day, education will be inclined towards digital methods in instruction and training. This will make E-learning the most beneficial educational technology in near future.

These are some modern facts which state some pertinent statics about this new wave of knowledge.

  1. Using a mobile device increases productivity by 43% showing a direct correlation between productivity and platform.
  2. Mobile learning industry is expected to reach $12.2 billion making E-learning one of the primary sources of learning in our society.
  3. MOOCs is currently used by 8% of companies and the number is expected to double. Such free and accessible courses are promoting learning which means more resources for a business for less money.
  4. Virtual training requires 40-60% less time to complete when compared to classroom training. Hence employees of a company will have sufficient time to apply the concepts they have learned outside the virtual classroom.
  5. Tech giant IBM saved around $200 million by adopting an innovative virtual training program for its employees.
  6. E-learning increases employee engagement by 18% in the workplace. Leading to greater employee retention and a synergy among the employees.
  7. North America holds 53% shares in E-learning across the globe.
  8. 70% professionals use personal devices for business, bringing in a new age of BYOD (bring your own device) is upon us where professional E-learning can be completed outside the office.
  9. 2018 onwards most professionals will own 3-4 personal mobile devices. This will cause a surge in quantity and quality of electronic platforms.
  10. E-learning courses are eco-friendly as they reduce 90% energy usage since no traveling or paper documentation is required.


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