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Customized Software is one which is tailor made as per the user’s requirement. Such type of software is customer specific. It is made keeping in mind the individual needs of the user and so are also referred as Domain Specific Tools. Such software cannot be installed and used by any other user/customer since the requirements may differ. Some examples of customized software are discussed below:

Inventory Management System & Purchasing System: Inventory Management System is generally used in departmental stores or other organizations to keep the record of the stock of all the physical resources. For Example, in a Computer store, it keeps record of the number of computers, printers, printing sheet, printer cartridge available. It also helps to place purchase orders, bills, invoices etc. Various reports as to position of stock, sales made in a particular period, profit earned etc. can be generated.

School Management System: School Management System (sometimes called a School Information System or SIS) is a system that manages all of a school’s data in a single, integrated application. Having all of the information in a single system allows schools to more easily connect data together. For example, when viewing a student’s record, the user can follow a link to the student’s class, and from there a link to the student’s teacher, and from there a link to the teacher’s other classes and so on

Payroll System: Payroll Management System software is used by all modern organizations to keep track of employees of the organization who receives wages or salary. All different payment amounts are calculated by the payroll software and the record is maintained. The software keeps track of personal records of employees viz. name, address, date of birth, qualification, date of joining etc. It also keeps track of professional record viz. allowances, perks, income tax, insurance etc. Different reports, pay slips etc can be generated through this software.

Financial Accounting: Financial accounting System is used to prepare accounting information, maintain different accounts ledger, and account books. It also helps an organization to make budget.

Hotel Management: Hotel management software refers to management techniques used in the hotel sector. These can include hotel administration, accounts, billing, marketing, housekeeping, front office or front desk, food and beverage management, catering and maintenance. Even advance bookings can be made through this software.

Reservation System: Reservation System is software used to book (reserve) air flights, railway seats, movie tickets, tables in a restaurant, etc. In the case of a booking system, the inputs are booking requests. The processing involves checking if bookings are possible, and if so making the bookings. The outputs are booking confirmations/rejections.


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