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It is an electronic device that processes the input according to the set of instructions provided to it and gives the desired output at a very fast rate. Computers are very versatile as they do lot of different tasks such as storing data, weather forecasting, booking airline, railway or movie tickets and even playing games.

Data: It is the term used for raw facts and figures. For example, 134, + 9, ‘Raju’, ‘C’ are data. Definition of information should start from next line as given in the word file. In composed file it is starting from the same line immediately after the definition of data.

Information: Data represented in useful and meaningful form is information. In simple words we can say that data is the raw material that is processed to give meaningful, ordered or structured information. For example Raju is 9 years old. This is information about Raju and conveys some meaning. This conversion of data to information is called data processing.


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