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Since we are going to know today “what is

Tutoring app

?” We have to understand the basic ideology behind tutoring platform and more importantly what is tutoring and tutors. A tutor is someone who helps another individual to learn the material that he/she is trying to understand. This is a term used for a professional who explains the subject in an informal setting and explains the concepts on a one-to-one basis. A tutor is mostly used in cases where individuals are not able to keep pace with the other students in school and need special instructions to bridge the gap. Tutoring is a job that requires paying special attention to an individual, though tutoring is a verb that refers to the act of giving instructions. A tutor remains a person teaching a student on a one-to-one basis.

The benefits of the Tutorial apps are very wide, to mention a few, tutor apps have easy to access resources and data, the interaction between the student and the tutor is done via a webcam or live streaming which requires less efforts and cuts down lot of travel time and money. Tutor apps save a lot of money and most importantly don’t need to be the traditional classroom learning way. You could download tutor apps online from any reputed vendors and learn effortlessly sitting in your favorite couch at home.

How many times have you been in class where students, packed into one room, listening to one teacher giving a lecture. You might have felt bored or confused during a lecture, and what do you do when you’re confused during a class? You kind of sit there quietly, looking around, hoping that somebody else is just as confused as you are. Sometimes You might slowly raise your hand, to ask a question and then you stop, and you realize, the question that you are going to ask is stupid. In fact, you become sure that by asking the question you will not only be wasting your own time, but also, will be wasting your classmate’s time as well.  So, you pull your hand back down and you focus again on the lecture and you realize at that point that you’re completely lost which is totally reverse to the scenario in

tutoring app.

So, if you really want to learn something lectures are a really, really inefficient way to learn, and there is research to back that up. Benjamin Bloom an educational researcher back in the 80’s found that, compared to other students, students who learn in lectures actually do two standard deviations worse than students who get individual, personalized attention. That is basically saying, if you get a private tutor, you’ll go from being a “C” student to an “A” student. That’s huge! Strongly the first thing that comes to the mind is, what should we do?
  • So, one approach might be to tell every teacher out there, “You need to spend a couple of hours with each student for a one-on-one and do that for your whole class.” And that isn’t possible.
  • Another approach, might be to get a private tutor for every student out there, and that costs a lot of money. Personalized instruction is really expensive, both in terms of time and money.

But Online tutoring through

Tutoring App

are scalable. If you can give a lecture to one person, then you can give a lecture to a hundred or a thousand or as many people as you can fit into that room, and you can stream it online for no extra cost. Tutoring app give lectures on a per-student basis, they are so cheap, and they take so much less time than personalized instruction.

PiRuby uses cloud computing, data storage, and all other tutoring technologies to scale up classes, so that they can give it back to the millions of students, hungry for knowledge. To under the problem of students PiRuby asked itself questions like
  • How can we leverage technologies to scale up to provide personalized instruction and not lectures?
  • How can we leverage technology to scale up one-on-one tutoring?
PiRuby understood that lectures are one-way communication from teacher to student, while tutoring, personalized instruction, is a two-way conversation. You have to listen to your students and that’s why tutoring app is hard to scale, because students can and will say just about anything.
Let’s take an example a teacher used to teach Introductory Physics at Harvard, to some of the brightest students in the world, and one of the first lessons in that class was, “You throw a ball in the air”. The question that the teacher asked in the class was “At what angle should you throw it, so it goes as far as possible?”
So, most of the students said 45 degrees, some said 60, some said 24.7. One student who said, “You should throw it straight up,” and then he thought about a little bit and he changed his answer later, so that’s the challenge! PiRuby state of the art Tutoring app gives intelligent, useful feedback to students who are giving you so many different answers, and that is the best way to scale personalized learning.
We live in an age now of smartphones and smart watches, and smart everything around the home. But this tutoring app from PiRuby is smart teaching, this is using student data intelligently, wisely and in an actionable way to make lessons better and to improve student’s learning outcomes.
The story is ongoing, PiRuby’s tutoring app is still changing all of the lessons, we’re still pushing the curve up into the right angle, we’re getting higher completion and better efficacy all the time, because we’re constantly looking at the data and making changes and evolving to provide the best to the students seeking knowledge. Tutoring app have a great record of creating stronger learning with amazing benefits which are highly efficient both in time and education. Tutoring app are the smartest way one can learn any topic or subject from anywhere and anytime.
So, to summarize, this is unprecedented time in history right now, where we have the potential and we’re on the cusp of giving the entire world a great education through online learning tutoring app. But what we’re going to see over the next few years is a major shift, through constant iteration and improvement we’ll be able to provide personalized instruction to anyone, anywhere, and that’s how we’ll have a future where it’s not just possible to teach a billion students, but it will be possible to privately tutor a billion students.
Education has evolved amazing over the years from home started back in the age of 30000 B.C. with stick and stones to the current education format of manmade brainpower. The discussion about the innovation of instruction and any point isn’t finished without knowing the historical backdrop of the subject.
With PiRuby, learning stuff have turned out to be considerably more inventive and intriguing, PiRuby centers around quality instructing techniques. The best in class office of PiRuby denoted the period of intelligent learning. PiRuby’s a huge number of substance from the differing specialists around the world and customized discovering that matches the similarity of your comprehension. The best part, you can manufacture your own particular library.
As instruction enables a country to advance, a nations proficient populace is its advantage. For the advance of a country and for the improvement of the general public all in all, instruction is essential. Most nations have understood this and consequently it has prompted the improvement of numerous legislatures dated instructive projects and government gifts to schools and universities the rationale is to cultivate training in the public arena. The eventual fate of the country is sheltered in the hand of instructed individuals. Training is imperative for the social improvement and the financial development of a country. It is genuine what John F Kennedy has said “our advance as a country can be no swifter than our advance in training. The human personality is our key asset”.

PiRuby is the perfect Tool to Discover Educational Content from Textbooks. Learning and Excellence Made Easy… Really Easy!