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Education is severely affected due to the existential crisis of the proper infrastructure in the Indian education system. It has become a major concern for both the authority and the learner as most of the facilities are inadequate and ill-equipped. Some facilities lack basic infrastructures such as steady electricity and clean fresh water. Education takes a huge hit when the learners suffer in the hand of the current framework.

Smart classroom concepts a revolutionary dogma of the 21st-century pledge to overthrow the setbacks of learning, from the education system of India by eradicating the current issue of basic infrastructure in education.The notion of Smart classroom is born as a boon to the modern education society, a blessing to the learner of 21st century residing in the rural and urban parts of India an imperative requisite in the competitive format of Education in India. A modernized inclusion in the education system all around the globe this unique concept provides quality information on various subject topics to students by helping them learn and create better concept formation, elaboration, improvement and enhance their reading skills.

The conventional way of teaching in the Indian classroom have lost the quality of teaching and created a dearth of passion and desire to learn. A radical change is indeed necessary for the approach to educating students, a more illustrated form of teaching must be opted by the educating bodies to infuse conceptual development and profound growth of the learners. Not every student comes to school with the eagerness to learn something new or to acquire knowledge; it is the liability of the education governing body to impregnate different contingency plans to allure the students to generate interest in the subject thus symphonizing growth in academics and revolutionizing the modern way of teaching for an overall development throughout a child’s education cycle.

Gathering knowledge should be fun and should not be a painful process and thus smart classroom contributes to educating the budding scion of the society. One can bucket knowledge by apprehending to the concept of the subject rather than mugging facts and figures. Smart learning gives the edge to the students of all ages a cocoon of smart thinking to invigorate one’s knowledge and interest. With Smart classroom, a student can concentrate on building the background knowledge, rendering the practical implication of the knowledge by deriving a product with the knowledge of the raw material will determine the student’s strength on the subject.

The method of the smart classroom will create a diaphanous interface to absorb the know-how in the most reciprocal way. The structured talks and the practical exhibition on the deck assessment of a given subject for learning will build a prudent context for learning and build up the think tank of the student. Smart learning emphasis on the differentiation and inclusivity in education and for that Smart classroom opted for the use of the 3D material in animated module and videos. Along with this it uses informational material and on the spot experiments and evaluation thus creating the enthusiasm within the students a thrill of an interactive learning session and the drive for innovation. This will enhance the quality of learning and the performance is speaking for itself, “now education is, even more, fun and interesting” said a student.

The Smart classroom learning approach provides students of all ages and classes with a framework that is intended to motivate higher levels of understanding with smart learning tools. This process helps learners activate and build knowledge, process sensitive information and eventually transform their learning into a product that results and reflects on their learning.

Now let’s talk about few apparatuses from the smart classroom that is changing the course of education drastically. Smartboard: why is it easy to use? You ask. The answer is quite simple, it has three unique features that helps teacher deliver inspiring lessons that engages students in extraordinary ways. “Touch Recognition”, “Pen Tray”, and “Smart Notebook Software” are part of this extraordinary device.
Touch Recognition: It is the new feature in our smartboard interactive whiteboard, with touch recognition you can use a pen to write a finger to navigate or a palm to erase. Touch recognition lets you automatically switch between ink, touch and racer mode and there is no extra button to press or extra tools to pick up. One of the second-grade teacher Sarah Jones says, “writing and erasing is exactly the same, so if you are not familiar with smart board, all you have to do is open a notebook and access the same things that you would either use on a whiteboard or chalkboard”.It is a part of intuitiveness that comes with the technology. “If you press something or click something it will open up and I can trust it to work properly” says Rob Smith a sixth-grade teacher.

Pen tray: Another unique feature that makes the smart board interactive whiteboard easy to use is the Pen tray. The Pen tray works like a chalk board where one picks up a black pen and writes note in black similarly pick up a blue pen and write notes in blue. Even if the pens go missing, because the technology is in the pen tray and not in the pen you can still using the board using any other soft device such as tennis ball. Since students can use any tool on the board surface to write it is accessible for all people. You can even use your finger as a substitute for missing pen and can be used for multiple purposes such as highlighting, as a ruler etc.

In addition to touch recognition and the pen tray the smart board interactive white board comes with the software that set the standard for how lessons are delivered, created and managed. Smart notebook software lets you add interactivity to lesson with a powerful set of education tools and resources. Whether you are starting from the scratch our using one of the ready-made lesson activities, smart notebook software simple interface makes it easy to choose the right tool. And with the installation of smartboard in the classroom students are way more involved in their own learning and that is all the effort for. Because of smartboard creating something extraordinary in the classroom for the teachers and the students across the globe.

It can be said that “White Board e-Evolution” in education is knocking at the doorstep. The question is that how will you integrate smart learning? How can I benefit from smart learning and will smart learning help the overall development of a learner and his brain? Then the answer you seek can easily be answered by PiRuby’s smart classroom concept.

Students are natural learners yet in school we often create environments where learning doesn’t happen naturally. In many classrooms we replaced textbooks with technology but what’s really changed? Recalling knowledge is the part of learning but how are we developing vital life skill? Like creativity problem-solving and collaboration. Since children learn naturally why not embrace that in the classroom. In the spare time these students connect, play and collaborate with each other as friends, engaging together through technology. Smart classroom overcome social barriers to collaboration and learning transforming devices into powerful engagement tools.

As education helps a nation progress, a countries literate population is its asset. For the progress of a nation and for the enrichment of the society in general, education is extremely important. Most countries have realized this and thus it has led to the development of many government dated educational programs and government grants to schools and colleges the motive is to foster education in society. The future of the nation is safe in the hand of educated people. Education is important for the social development and the economic growth of a nation. It is true what John F Kennedy have said “our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. The human mind is our fundamental resource”. Hence, everyone should invest in knowledge because it pays the best interest. Tough not listed as one of the three basic human need education is equally important as learning is a lifelong process. With PiRuby, Smart classroom concept where structured assessment and learning are carefully woven into the methodology to build a thoughtful context for students. It will help them to learn and advance as better academicians and bea perfectionist.

PiRuby is the perfect Tool to Discover Educational Content from Textbooks. Learning and Excellence Made Easy… Really Easy!