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Isn’t it a great idea to have a

classroom app

? Just like how we used to have a different house name for each class in school? Of course that’s a great idea! They do exist; many schools have adapted this new technological addition in to their school culture. Classroom App makes half the work easy, the teacher will be happy to manage the attendance, homework, projects and also plan the syllabus accordingly using the classroom app.

Also the Classroom App can be useful in storing and sharing information regarding students or class time table embedded to it. The parents can also be given access to the classroom app and learn from the many of the updates in it and help their wards achieve academic goals and help them stay focused with the curriculum. The Classroom App also can have a few or more other educational assistance applications pinned to it like the dictionary, attendance register, syllabus planner and exam planner etc. this will help the students, teachers and also the parents to stay intact and organized during the academicals course.

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