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History of

technology in Education

Education has come a long way from home initiated back in the age of 30000 B.C. with stick and stones to the modern-day education out of artificial intelligence. Today we are going to talk about the technology of education and any topic is not complete without knowing the history of the subject, so let’s begin.


Back in 30000 BC when there was no piece of paper to write on and people used stone as gizmo for most of human functioning, it was the cave drawing which helped human to leave an imprint of their existence. The knowledge they gathered were marked on the wall for future references. Learning was mostly concentrated about surviving until 512 BC when the first academy with proper teaching was introduced. Pythagoras academy with philosophers were the epitome of learning. With the invention of paper in 105 A.D. in China learning and teaching become much prominent. Proper manuscript transcription came into play in 382 A.D. Do you know Bible is the first book to be written and published? It was 1450 A.D. when the printing press was first installed and with-it technology in education took a new turn. Now each year more and more numbers of books with thousands of copies are published.

The era of printing press by brought by GUTENBERG Printing press. In around 1600 A.D. public education become vastly popular among the majority and many school, and universities started giving proper education thus marked the new beginning. During 1700 A.D. the first blackboard was installed in the classroom, now even students have slates and chalks to ignite the fire in the process of learning. By 1800 every school was using textbook for teaching and the era of writer and philosophers carried the new generation into the new age. Before the first world war

technology in education

saw a meaningful change in the method of learning, this was the age of audiovisual where teacher used to play cue cards with audio clipping to motive the students. The concept was to introduce the students to iconic figures and helping these students to know them personally with the help of audiovisuals using radio broadcast.

By 1930 every schools and colleges had installed film projectors as the introduction of innovative

technology in education.

1940 saw the promotion of film projectors into overhead projectors. Early 1960 saw the age of information and technology and it came to be known as information age. Television played a significant role, as history and other subjects are being taught over television. VCR and VHS tapes helped teacher play informational videos and documentaries over and over to enlighten the students. 1980 saw a tremendous change during education as audio tape and cassette player become much popular among teens. By 1990 computer overtook the mass and the new concept of learning came into play this came to be known as computer age. By 1991 the first SMART board interactive whiteboard hit the classroom. 1995 was the age of digital technology, this was indeed the new era of learning. The digital learning helps the world to come closer and learn together.

Now learning is not anymore, the luxury of the rich. The 21st century brought significant changes during learning, the flaws of learning were overshadowed by new learning and teaching methods. This age marked the beginning of interactive age. This helped the students to participate more in day to day classroom activities. Technology now have brought novel changes into the classroom and in peoples lives. Recent technologies are more indulging for the students and way more informative then it used to be. Modern technologies and innovation have help the students open doors of understand and challenging the old learning methods. Today students are more open to different prospect and are more inclined toward new proposition. The shape of the classroom has shifted towards an interactive learning.


21st Century education


Now let’s talk about the 21st century education in much broader sense. We all understand that we are living through an educational revolution. The pace of change is staggering, school region and even entire country are turning education on its head. It is helping them to redefine the experiences of the teachers and the students. The impact is felt by millions of people around the world. Now a chalkboard a desk and the homework do not define education anymore. Now the day that used to begin when the bell ring is not the stigma anymore. We had come to believe this way the only way the students can learn and upholding our believes we have taught the students in the same manner. The world then changed rapidly and with it the way of learning and gathering knowledge have also found a new meaning. The model of learning now has found a new definition that have revolutionized teaching methodologies. The change is inevitable and will sweep world with the new dawn in learning. For students who are not finding it fitting in the pristine environment will now have the versatility of learning from different source.


Let’s us talk about the prospective change in the

technology in education

that going to further revolutionize the modern learning and teaching methods. Let us face it school is not like what it was used to be. Today’s high schooler learning how to fly drones and 3D printing their artwork. This all sounds cool, but it is also kind of scary too, the changes in modern technologies are going the overshadow the primitive tools of learning such as pencils and good old graph paper in the classroom in the future.


  • Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality also popularly known as VR has been around since the 90s but now the Facebook and Google are no longer in your face but on your face.    
  • 3D printing: 3D printing in school is revolutionizing the art show and tell these printers can make machine parts jewelry and even guns. Yesterday’s arts and crafts are modern day engineering. Elementary age children are already using this technology to design prosthetic hands.
  • Cloud technology: Remember the heavy rucksacks and bag of schools containing heavy books which remains constant throughout the year. Now we are leaving in the era of cloud technology that will help the students out of their misery. This is also an effective medium as this gives the edge to the teachers to have direct access to any the data on students’ study habits.  
  • Biometrics: With biometrics technology in education we have got fingerprint scanning to borrow library books and iris scanning instead of an ID card. This will also help the teachers to tell whether you are concentrating or not during online courses using eye-tracking technology.
  • Holograms: It is like old school projectors but in 3D. It is still dreaming for now as the technology is too expensive for modern-day learning. But soon this technology will help the teachers to give lectures and conduct classes across the globe.
The potential for innovative technology in the classroom is amazing but will it help students in a large manner or not is yet to be proven.
Learning is all about engaging and education is the subject of learning. Before we start to question the

technology in education

we have to understand that technology is just a medium to open door or maybe provide an escalator to reaching the goal of learning. But it is also important to understand that using technology doesn’t solve the actual problem, technology in learning can pave the path but it is the student who must take the step towards learning. Technology in learning will help you gather knowledge but the implementation of knowledge will only come in handy if you understand how to use the things that you have learned.

With each mistake you make you will be able to evaluate your performance and outstand the current performance. It will also help you understand the process thoroughly and help you learn different aspect such as the flaws in the theories or maybe new aspects.

Technology in education

will always enhance your learning capabilities without hindering it but one needs to know the proper use of technology.

Technology in education

has both positive and negative effect on students, on one hand, the student can rely on learning from a different website on the other hand technology deviates from the path of learning due to numerous distractions such as YouTube, Games and Entertainment Apps.

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