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We hope for a miracle when we expect our children to study for their upcoming exam or do their day to day homework. Running behind a child with the book in hand to educate them from a child perspective looks like Sylvester the cat running behind Tweety the canary to eat it alive and hence they run even faster.
It is fact that education in India is unrelenting, unimaginative and monotonous and every time a child open his/her book they feel like it will eat them alive or will shove them in the black hole for eternity. When we talk of Student engagement it is important and convenient to fathom engagement with an enterprise represented by positive feeling (emotional engagement), good behavior (behavioral engagement), and most important of them all student thinking (cognitive learning) and it is important for the educator to make it meaningful for the learner.
The research concluded that if students don’t find learning to be worthy of their effort and time they will disdain themselves in the process of learning and may also rebut in response then it will be unsatisfactory for each party involved. The sense of competence in a child gives him/her the self-evaluating potential to challenge itself in the course of learning activities and succeeding. They become capable of answering the self-awarded question “Can I Do This”? And researchers have found that with the completion of each task the child development the sense of achievement which infuses a positive impact on the child’s persona. In this article, we will talk more about the Cognitive Learning as a child may be emotionally and behavioral invested in learning but it’s the student thinking that determines the understanding and mastering of the knowledge along with craft and skill that the activity try’s to generate.
Cognitive Learning or the Cognitive Learning Theory is fairly based on the Cognitive Learning model of human behavior, this completely emphasizes on one’s free will and the positive aspects of behavior in humans. Cognitive Learning refers to one’s thoughts, feelings, ideas, knowledge, and understanding about the environment and themselves. An individual’s thoughts, feelings, and ideas can be invoked by Cognitive Learning which refers to the understanding and knowledge about themselves and their environment. Therefore, an individual applies this Cognitive Learning method which is not only the result of the response of stimulus but is the application of internal image of an external environment.
Researchers conducted many experiments to elucidate Cognitive Learning. They trained a lab-rat to turn right in the ‘T’ maze set up in order to collect food. For instance – Scientists put the lab-rat in the opposite part of the maze to start from, here the study revealed that according to the operant conditioning theory, the lab-rat should have taken a turn towards the right as that was the past conditioning, but surprisingly, it took off towards the position the food was placed.
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