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Let talk today about 21st century education. To be precise we are living through an education revolution the pace of change is staggering. Mediums like schools, regions, entire country are turning education on its head and redefining the experience of students and of the teachers. The impact is so powerful that it could be felt by millions of children and their families around the world.

Let us consider for a moment the world we live in today; the world is full of knowledge that it is hard to grasp everything and even harder to keep the things learnt into the memory. People are creating thousands of websites every hour. People are also uploading 35 hours of videos every minute. This is compiling of 2 million videos at your disposal every day. Let take a school student for example, by the time the kid from school leaves schools he already has more to 1000 friends on Facebook. Students due to such platform can keep connection with other students thousands of miles away from their location as if they are sharing the same classroom. These students consume, produce and communicate information in previously unimaginable ways. They are truly the children of globalized world. The question now that comes our way is where are they heading when they grow up? The answer to the question is, to a hyper-connected world with more people and fewer resources. Into a busy and competitive world will full of uncertainties.
The workforce now a day is mostly mobile and better qualified than ever before. If we talk about career that span multiple jobs, position and skill sets some of which is haven’t been invented yet. To respond to the challenges of the modern world educational leaders are making tremendous changes, building 21st century skills. Enabling technologies and personalizing running to engage students in diverse and creative way. Say for example South Korea schools are switching to digital textbooks so that students can study anytime and anywhere with online hours recognized as school attendance. In Denmark students are using internet while giving exam, they can access any site they like even Facebook, if they don’t start texting each other or use email. In the USA, ultra-personalized learning approaches allow students to create their own individual schedules. This will help them to understand their interest and check onto their performance which is logged daily to generate playlist of learning option.
With teacher time freed up to mentor and supervise students. The motive of such revolution is to make learning a global phenomenon that can be done from anywhere and everywhere. That is the reason that some Australian school are pushing learning beyond school walls where internships with local organization are a fundamental part of each student’s learning plan. Distance learning programs are connecting seriously disengaged students with online learning communities and personal mentors to help them rediscover their love for learning. The opportunity for the 21st century education is immense. These examples point the way to ensuring that tomorrow’s workers, parents and citizens and more creative problem solvers, better communicator and lifelong learners. To make sure that change happens on a massive scale we need to make substantial changes.

We all wonder how learning could be personal to us. We all wish to learn subjects at our own pace. And we want more to it, we want full felicity in terms of learning. It means we want a platform where we will be able to study whenever we want and wherever we want. PiRuby wants to create that learning experience so that school learning will be simpler and smarter for your understanding. Learning app providing e-learning are of many types, styles, models, and options. If you know the differences and choose the correct option for yourself to fit your educational need and goals. Learning are of three types synchronous learning and asynchronous learning and the third is the blended learning. It is likely the student like to know the best content from the best person to teach that will help them excel in the study. People who are coming from small and remote part of India would never have access to so many contents in a single place. These courses offered are of quality and readily available for the students of different socio-economic background. Affordability is one of the major challenges of the 21st century when education is getting costlier day by day and so is the admission fees and other education-related expenses.

People trying hard to find the quality for which they are spending their lifetime of saving. Online course content and learning app are high in demand in the Indian market as the potential to reach every corner of the vastly diversified and greater demographic of this country may not be able to accommodate schools in every section but each house has the accessibility to internet and smartphones. The course taught on Piruby is a real course experience. Piruby has used all means possible to make learning a fun thing, as more and more number of individuals join the platform the community grows. To enlighten the better mass of the society learning app have taken an oath to uphold education to the highest standard.

With the help of Piruby, one can concentrate on real homework assignment even if they don’t have external help. Sometimes we understand visual learning can solve the issue of learning that is tough and quite complex to understand. Procrastination that is a global phenomenon can rule and hamper the quality of education. To reason with that Piruby have introduced fun and interactive learning to grab the attention of the learners. This fun learning and interactive games have been developed by Piruby to help understand the need of the learn and invest the quality of effective learning into their life.

The best part of the learning app is that even after the theoretical portion of the subjects that are been taught in the school, for which no practical session is conducted can be easily overcome with the help of learning app. In learning app, it is quite easily possible to manage and understand all the theoretical and practical segment of the learning. Depending on the background, skills, and interest one can benefit from the learning from learning app. Some student might be looking for preparatory material for that Piruby’s learning app is providing diversity to appear for the virtual exam that will help them to write for the real exam. So, the need of the students is different and Piruby understand that so they build a platform where a student can learn according to his choice and mold his/her learning according to their need. This will also help to break away from the one size fits all model of education and allow the students to follow much more personalized learning. Piruby also knows that students don’t learn by sitting and passively watching videos, so the need of the situation demands practice material.

As the practice material will allow the students to really understand the things they have spent time on. A study shows that retrieval practice where the student just needs to simply repeat what they learned has shown tremendous results. But this retrieval practice is nothing without a feedback as this will not help the student to understand their betterment over the course of their time. The most important part of learning is the critical thinking and subject that need us to think such as Social science and literature as this type of learning requires learning from experience.

All this learning is not about the student studying alone in the leaving room working through the problems. Around each one of our courses, a community of students has formed, a global community of students had formed, a global community of people around a shared intellectual endeavor. Students collaborate on the question in the variety of ways. The question and answer forum, where one student will post a question and the other student will answer them help them build a stronger community and better understanding.

That is why Piruby has designed the new curriculum online supported by interactive, constantly updated digital resources structured around students and teachers needs. Because Piruby uses the state of the art facility that makes sure they meet the needs and 21st-century learners. But that is just the beginning, join us as we broaden this debate and connect education pioneers and thought leaders across India and the world.

PiRuby is the perfect Tool to Discover Educational Content from Textbooks. Learning and Excellence Made Easy… Really Easy!