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The electronic age has swept us off our feet and given us the power and versatility to mold ourselves according to the new generation and era. Learning has also taken the hit as the conventional teaching methods are not effective anymore. The ethos of the 21st century holds practical learning in the highest order. To relinquish modernization would be an ill-solicited advice and it would surely be a vice. Not to make strides with technology meaning demeaning the future.


is a learning-based system for an exemplifying teaching method in the modern classroom.


stands for electronic learning, which allows the user to take courses online by using electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. Elearning is mobile in nature, so the user can learn from anywhere and everywhere from the world. Due to no time bondage, one can easily take learning as per their convenience. The best part of eLearning is the student can learn at its own pace and can repeat it multiple numbers of time. Now, there are various eLearning apps that helps make learning much simpler & easier!

The benevolence of

e-learning apps

will erudite the society and empower the general mass to a greater extent. Teaching is not only subjected to textbook education it also means practical knowledge of the things learned. The best part about E-learning apps is the electronic setup and resources that can be used to improve the teaching condition in school. Teaching was always based on the introduction of new facts and figures both indoor and outdoor for a better understanding. Teaching outdoor can be very much articulate with the use of computer and internet, which are the major component of eLearning. Elearning is entirely based on networking and interacting (asking the question to understand). With e-learning apps, one can educate, share skills and knowledge along with delivering schooling to a larger mass. Education is the birthright to every individual and with knowledge comes understand and vision to outperform the existing system.

With eLearning apps, one can focus on quality rather than the quantity and educate a larger group in the process. Education system had become quite mundane with the same old fact shoving down the throat teaching method. The complication being, these facts are somewhat outdated and need much updating, new searches, new philosophies and new technological advancement have paved the path for new understanding. These new researchers, inventions, and development are changing life and lifestyles thus should be introduced into learning for the younger generation to relate to the subject.


was criticized by many due to the lack of human element required in learning but then with time, these critics felt the obligation of circulating it to uplift the quality of education.

Over the ages, we have seen the world has changed rapidly and forecast are it will keep on evolving expeditiously. One must keep on updating oneself by embracing the change and growth, as the technology progresses with every step. The computer is now have become the bible for almost surviving in this world, the introduction of the computer is to revolutionize the society. With the passage of time, the big and voluptuous machine were worked upon to make it portable and mobile. Though computer is known to be the father of modern devices, with each passing year we are getting hooked on electronic devices that are making our life easy and convenient. Someone in their right mind will never say “I am done learning”, it better to change and appreciate changes in our lives. Elearning apps is the new way of doing old things along with the new way of doing new things, but the name of the game is constantly updating yourself.

Every company and School opts for training programs to promote and make application of the modern education by spending millions in education. With

e-learning apps

, the visual and audio receptors of the human being can be indulged in core learning, so that this teaching doesn’t elope the mind as soon as it gets over. The basic problem with learning is that when the teacher is addressing the class of a subject on a topic. Some of the students already know what the topic is all about, some are feeling the heat to cope up with the teaching and unable to grasp the information. Some might be bored or sleepy but only a handful will be able to reciprocate the information and can learn something from it. The conventional teaching methods are inadequate and ineffective in such situation. So, the question arises what can be done to help the student to indulge completely? The answer is quite lucid, E-learning. With eLearning, an overall system of learning solution can be formulated to help the students by engaging them, bringing interaction into learning and customizing the teaching method. Elearning with the help of skill, language and media can easily empower the future generation. It will help the student to gather information on what they need when they need and the mode of the language they want it in.


teaching method uses video, audio, images, interactive game, infographics, questionnaires and simulations to keep education enlightening and fun. E-learning comes in many types, styles, model, and options. The learning can be synchronized learning, un-synchronized learning or blended learning. In synchronized learning, an online tutor is present at all time, so that you can have constant guidance in the learning process. In the agreed location or platform through the electronic device, the face to face teaching method has effective effect on the student. The mode of learning would be interactive through talking or chatting. Whereas in Asynchronized method one stay in touch with other learners through email, message boards, forums or discussion group and threaded discussions etc., this learning style involves self-learning. Most of the course information can be found in the form of text, audio and video and interactive game formats. With simulation and game-based learning techniques it can totally create an immersive experience for students.

Somewhere in the middle of synchronized learning and Asynchronized learning is blended learning. The blended learning is a mix of online self-study along with traditional brick and mortar, face to face instruction/teaching. It gives the students the versatility to learn the theory in their own time in asynchronously before appearing for a discussion or exam on a given date (synchronized way). After learning this theory, one can also go to the physical classroom to discuss the learned theory with their peers and trainers. Blended learning makes the transition smoother from paper-based learning to electronic-learning. Every student has different training and learning pace and understanding, knowing the choices in E-learning apps will help the student determine which approach is the best. The inclusions of eLearning in Indian education system have shown a much high growth in the literacy rate.

Now education is on everyone’s doorstep, as more and more students are indulging in learning. Now instead of a teacher monitoring the class of 50-100, an electronic device is eradicating the stigma of the teacher-based learning in the scarcity of human resource in education. The long-term goal of every individual concerned about children education is enhancing the quality of the education to make a better and educated society. Educating the generation will empower the country along with giving everyone the platform to excel. With the help of


, the fear of confrontation goes away as students indulge themselves wholeheartedly in discussions and debates, making them extrovert in the process. Though elearning has its own disadvantages which are being rectified every single day, disadvantages such as lack of control don’t appeal the mass, isolated learning, and technological challenges can be easily overcome with more and more number of students are participating in interactive learning. Some of the major advantages of Elearning apps are given below:

Other benefits of

E-learning apps

also comprise:

Low training cost.

Don’t need the much human resource to teach your kid.

Easy to update and additional information without altering the rest.

With eLearning apps coming in, the distribution of knowledge, assigning tasks and tracking the understanding of the students is quite astounding. With evaluation technique, one can easily understand the overall growth of the class.

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