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The era of the 21st century can be coiled with the term modernization or the era of technological advancement. Technology has shaped the future and changed the course for good; it has now become an integral part of our lives. A subsequent amount of growth over has been recognized with the incursion of technology. A series of development in the educational sector in term of technological modification resulted in robust growth. A sector which is not upgraded with time and showcase poor technological elevation in the today’s condition will fall prey to discontinuation with the help of Edtech.

The reason for such segregation is because technology makes the task easily executable in anticipated time. Technology in educational sector includes the use of tools, material, techniques, and power sources to make easy as well as a sound decision for a pleasant and productive outcome.

The 21 st century education have made a global impact with extensive number of students collaborating with students abroad, thus helping them to consume, produce and communicate information in unimaginable ways. This was never possible previously, the pivotal of the astounding growth is the technological advancement in the educational sector which was again unimaginable few years back. The phenomenon has truly made them children of the globalized world. The big and well-tended question arises now is “where they are heading as they grow up”. The world is hyper-connected with more people and limited resources.

It is also a busy and ruthlessly competitive world with full of uncertainties. The work force is extra mobile and better qualified than ever before. And different careers with different span of jobs, position and skill sets, some of which haven’t been invented yet. In response, educational leaders are making big change, building 21sy century skills, using enabling technologies are personalizing running to engage students in diverse and creative ways. Some of the significant changes can be seen throughout the world such as in South Korea school are switching to digital textbooks so that students can indulge themselves in study anytime anywhere. The online hours will be recognized as school attendance. In Denmark students can use internet while taking the exam.

These students can use any websites they want to, even Facebook, as long as they don’t exchange text or mails with each other. In the States, ultra-personalized learning approaches allows students to create their own individual schedules, their interest and performance are logged daily to generate playlist of learning options. Teachers time freed up to mentor and supervise students. Learning can happen anywhere and everywhere. Education is a form of learning which is constituent of skills, knowledge, and habits, which is passed on from one to many or from one generation to other. It is hand to the next generation in the form of teaching, research, and training. Technology in educational sector gave passage to rapid reform in the infrastructure.

  • Like blackboard replaced by the smart board.
  • The need of personal computer became a compulsion in the classroom.
  • Now projection of a lesson not only happens verbally but also gets projected for visual teaching.
  • Television made a space for itself in the classroom, now giving lectures on history along with social and scientific experiments.

Meaning a slight change can make an enormous difference, only a cynic would say that technology has not changed the education in comparison to medieval times. Though technology has brought a profound change in the field of education the avidity needs to evolve with time. Technology has greatly expanded the horizon by handing over the access to education to a larger audience thus removing the notion of elitism. Now education doesn’t need an establishment to educate the mass. Today scholar has access to a humungous amount of information at the click of their finger such as audio, video, images, books, scholarly article and journals etc. E-learning available online is accessible worldwide through various medium. An unprecedented scope of learning is brought to you at your doorstep, all thanks to technology.

Technology in educational sector has demolished the bridge of information gap in between the rural and the urban society. Now students in the remote area can also follow up on the information of arctic expedition via

  • Reading blogs.
  • Photo illustration.
  • Questionnaires with the scientist through constant exchanges of emails.
  • Live talk or streaming with the scientist working on site with the help of video conference etc.

Students worldwide are collaborating on projects using technology-based tools such as Google docs and wikis. Walls of the Classroom are not a barrier anymore as technology has gratified the scope of learning. This is leading us to the path of global based learning, working in collaboration and effective communication. Technology is supporting and transforming education in the modern era in vivid ways along with uplifting the notion of “education for all”.

Educational technology AKA EdTech is a specific area where technology is devoted to developing applications of tools like software, hardware, and other supplements that are intended to promote education. When putting another way, educational technology is a study of ethical practice that strives towards facilitating improved learning and performance by building, creating, utilizing and managing relevant technological processes and resources available.

If we ask what ails the higher education in India, the government initiative of Digitalizing India have revolutionized the better prospect of education in India. Progressively, students and teachers are much interactive this days when in comes to classroom education or tuition class. The wildfire of renovating the education system in India have seen a notable change with many government agencies coming up with educational app for student who finds classroom education mundane. Ministry of Humane Resource and Development (MHRD) along with general educational governing bodies of India have came up with numerous platforms for the student to learning.

Kutaliya, an Indian Philosopher, royal adviser and professor of economics and political science are very rightly underlined the importance of education some 2000 years ago. According to Mandela education is the most powerful weapon we can used to change the world. Education gives knowledge, it develops in us a perspective of looking at life. It helps us from opinions and develop our own point of view. Education is the catalyst for converting information into knowledge. It makes us capable of interpreting things correctly and applying the information in real-life scenarios. That is exactly why the one who open the door to school can close a prison aptly stated by “Victor Hugo”. Education leads to career progression, as we are weighed in the market on the basis of our educational skills and how well we can apply them.

Good education is an eligibility criterion for employment in any sector of the industry. Expertise in a specific field open door to career opportunities. An expert is the one who know more and more about less and less says Nicholas Butler. Be it any filed, education always proves to be rewarding. Education builds character it teaches us the right behavior and good manners, which makes us civilized. It builds character and cultivates us into mature individuals, capable of planning and taking the right decisions. It gives us an insight into living and thus teaches us to learn from our experience. It makes us self-confident and develops our ability to think analyses and judge.
It fosters principle of equality and socialism system to excel in life as it forms a support system to excel in life. It is basically the bone marrow of the society because a Man’s own manner and character is what most becomes of him as quoted by Marcus Cicero. Education is responsible for building character. Education leads to enlighten it helps to create a clearer picture of the things around and erase all the confusion it gimbal’s the flame of curiosity and helps awaken the abilities to question and to reason.

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