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Augmented reality has revolutionized the modern education perception and standard of learning. This is directly affecting the demographics as well as the methodologies to benefit the learner challenging the conventional way of teaching. Augmented reality apps are transforming the world and engaging with the students in cognition.

Learners and Educators have both came to an epilogue without an interjection that learning is not only reading and mugging facts and figures thoroughly rather it’s the practical knowledge with the foresight of revolutionizing current sketch and the know-how which matters in the long run in understanding and visualizing a concept. For that, it needs both the creative aspect as well as the interactive model that is alluring to the students and the educator thus making the parents happy. Augmented Reality Apps in the modern era has become the best friend a student needs to learn science or to take a keen interest in mathematics rather than becoming a pedagogue entity taking a pedantic approach in educating the mass.
With more and more number of smartphones in the market and students having access to them, it is gradually increased the number of users each year visiting the educational sites and Augmented Reality Apps. Augmented reality apps are the current becoming trending topic in the digital world; it’s getting much more renewed focus and attention with the release of vivid products to support its purpose. Students are using augmented reality apps for watching experiments conducted by research scholars, to do homework, to gather in-depth knowledge on a given topic, discuss material and understand the history of the concept through fun facts and projection via 2-D or 3-D animation.

Augmented reality is a revolutionary technology working on generating computer vision based on recognition algorithms, augment video and audio, graphics and other sensor related to inputs and output on real-world objects via the camera of your smart devices. As a matter of fact, it is a great way to render real-world info into the present scenario in an interactive manner so that virtual elements become an integral part of the real world.

AR exposes the superimposed information in any field of interest and can take you into a whole new world of learning and understanding, where it gets difficult and sometimes impossible to cite any difference between the virtual and the real world. AR is however not limited to just desktop or mobile devices but it is an agent to entrap students’ undivided attention and inspire them to learn and acquire knowledge by empowering them with concepts. For example, while dealing with homework, with the help of augmented reality app one can easily scan a page of the homework in hand and can go through the huge chunks of videos blogs, audio files and scholarly text available on the Internet.

With AR one can easily get a synopsis of the content present in a book by just scanning the cover of the volume. With the help of AR one can easily project 2-D structure or hard to visualize content into 3-D elements for the student in the classroom or in front of a computer which will cordially draw a picturesque in the mind of the student. Interacting and getting involved with the student will help the teaching platform to reach new heights, and augmented reality app has become the bridge of contentment that will engulf the faculty and the students to mold into a cocoon of enlightenment. Discovering and learning becomes much more fun with AR when a student uses the technology to get various detailed information involving or related and connected to the subject. AR has become the light for especially blind children, with the technology they can thrive the previous difficulties of senses.

Experts have taken a step ahead and created augmented reality apps for almost many industries namely the medical, armed forces, gaming and even the education industry. Walking side by side with technology and modernization, PiRuby also has taken charge and made itself intact with this wonderful innovation. PiRuby has carefully streamlined it into their educational context to make learning a fun prospect.

Augmented reality

is the fine integration of digital data along with the individual’s environment in real time.

When compared to virtual reality, which creates a totally artificial environment, augmented reality is something that uses the existing Augmented virtual reality holds high potential as it brings many elements of the virtual world, into the reality. It enhances the things we see, we hear, and we feel. With the existing reality technologies known to us, the future of augmented reality lies closely by the mixed reality spectrum, in other words between the real world and the virtual world.environment to overlay new information upon it.

Augmented Reality apps have begun to make a remarkable presence in the educational sector while it is trying hard to penetrate the current market. Many applications are being developed which are embedded with text, images, and videos along with real world curriculums.

Augmented reality is the current trending topic in the digital world, but it’s getting much more renewed focus and attention with the release of vivid products to support its purpose. Augmented reality is a game-changing technology that works on computer vision based on recognition algorithms to augment audio, video, graphics and other sensor related inputs on real world objects via the camera of your smart device. In fact, it is a great way to render real world information into the present in an interactive way so that virtual elements become a part of the real world.

Explains Abstract and Complex Concepts

Sometimes we need more than the books and classroom learning to understand specific concepts and subjects. Gradually augmented reality apps in education is taking a firm stand. Students find it as an easy medium to learn difficult concepts, for instance, students can experience and learn science experiments and projects in the version of augmented reality. This registers much easily in their memory and stays for a longer time.

Augmented reality exposes us to the superimposed information in any field of view and can take you into a whole new world, where it gets difficult to cite any difference between the real and virtual worlds. Augmented Reality is however not limited to just desktop or mobile devices. Involving & Interacting Combined studies and group studies are not as vicious and mischievous as we thought in the early days. With technology leading the education industry, augmented learning brings students closer in terms of ideas and thoughts and helps them learn and explore topics in depth. PiRuby being a pioneer in the Edutech segment brings in a great flavor of interaction and involvement among learners. Augmented reality has also brought in a remarkable dimension to the gaming segment with real life character feel in the latest games and consoles. Example, Pokemon Go, Batman Arkham VR and Elite: Dangerous are some of the top trending games of 2016.

Discover & Learn

Why learn only what is taught, given the opportunity to explore? Experience the best personalized learning experience with PiRuby where every individual learner can discover newer concepts and learn in the easiest method preferred. Augmented Reality being the talk of the industry for the moment is a highly relevant concept here, for example, students can surf for specific topics and theories among different study materials while finding it all in an easy to learn format in their smart phone screen.

There is also a significant contribution towards the interior designing and retail sector by the AR. For instance, in the designing segment, AR helps us to choose the furniture and visualize how it might fit into our house and the spaces we choose, this will help us make better decisions while buying expensive furniture or art crafts.

With regards to location-based AR apps, there are many that have taken geographical identification to the next level. It enables users to access information about the nearest places that are relative to their current location. They can even get information about the places they choose based on previous user reviews.

With the help of Augmented Reality Apps, many travelers gain access to real-time information related to historical places by just pointing the camera viewfinder towards them.

Interactive Books

Lately, with Augmented Learning being equally divided among the vast educational sector, textbooks are slowly being teleported into smartphone devices. For example, students can now search for any topics or subjects they wish to learn from their PiRuby application and they can find relevant and similar topics in the form of animation, videos, quizzes and as many other engaging formats to learn from. This is certainly a new leap of faith into the technological evolution. Augmented Reality is very beneficial in developing translation applications that can understand and translate texts in other languages for you.

Stay tuned to Augmented Reality Apps for Education for more interesting articles. Watch the transformation of traditional learning into the augmented reality to build a better future for the education industry.

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