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There are countless reasons for your kids to not participate in the given homework, and trying to stay out of trouble for the same seems to be a big challenge for them and so they boomerang with innovative excuses, making us laugh and cry at the same time. These excuses which range from hilarious absurdity to plausible can display the creative perspective of your child.
Something you should be happy about studying funny incidents of your child’s innocence but keep on overlooking the fact that pile of homework getting dumped by your kid is also a serious concern and needs your immediate attention. Sometimes this excuse becomes the bragging stamp for the parents and gossip topics for the educators (you know that’s true! Can’t deny) both parties enjoy a good laugh.
The rat race to make your child a success have even taken a toll on you and inadvertently hauling you into making sure that your child work is as good as it can get, it comes from the insecurity of the parent fearing the child will be left behind. The wonderful journey of parenthood that started off with excitement soon turns into a nightmare. We will discuss more on this on a rainy day as we are not planning to scare you off, but we surely want to grin and so we bring you the top 15 smart and hilarious excuses a child made to avoid homework. So are you ready for the laughter ride? Here it goes!
  1. My Dog requested me to stay with him as it was feeling scared. (Aww-some or Aww-full, you decide)
  2. I was doing my homework on the beach and a big tide washed it all away
  3. I couldn’t do my homework as my house is haunted. (Don’t know should be scared for the house or the kid, right!)
  4. I did my homework and the aliens made it all disappeared.
  5. I don’t like history homework as too much dwelling in the past. (kid got a point there).
  6. Our furnace broke and we had to burn the homework to keep us from freezing to death. (Best Life Hack).
  7. The AC in the car blew my homework of the window on the way to school. (Hurricane Katrina strikes homework again).
  8. I had it in my hand and suddenly a lightning struck it. (Paper doesn’t conduct electricity that was the topic of your homework).
  9. We ran out of toilet paper and my dad in rush took the homework and I have never seen it since. (It got flushed).
  10. I didn’t do it as I know you have already enough work to complete, so I didn’t want to burden you anymore. (Well played!).
Whether the excuses are effective or not that is out of the context here but these excuses can surely save the kid out of the wrath of its teacher and parents. Now I am taking the stage to you to share the lamest and the smartest hilarious excuses your kid showered on you. So get cracking and preserve you and your kids’ smile.

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