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Personalized learning has always been a latent need of the global education system. In recent years, this method has come to the forefront focusing on the child/learner as the nucleus. Personalized learning is being considered a disruptive development in the field of education.
The concept is becoming a highly structured and responsive, focusing on teaching to each student’s individual aptitude, proficiency, and needs. The approach symbolizes that “learning is personal”. This also strengthens the link between learning and teaching by engaging children, educators and parents. Learning is individualized, and the assessments are also based on the skills garnered and not solely on knowledge. Such tailored approach helps take the learners to the next level. The aim is to promote personal development through self- awareness, self-improvement, and self-development. The child/learner should be seen as active, responsible and self-motivated, a co-author of the script that determines how her/his education is delivered.
Parents are the key decision makers for selecting the education system for their child. With time an increased number of parents are being involved in planning their children’s education future. Parent’s involvement in personalized learning helps convey their expectations and hopes for the child. As the key catalyst in the process, they experience everything first hand which gives them an insight into their child’s requirements. This also connects them deeply and keeps both the parties motivated to achieve another milestone.

For the parents, personalized learning offers an opportunity to play a more active role in school life and know that their contribution is valued. The growth of personalized learning has also seen the concept branch out in areas such as:

  • adaptive learning
  • individualized learning
  • concept-based learning
  • differentiated learning
Personalized learning does not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach and is not designed to turn students and parents into consumers of education. It is important for parents and the learner to be a part of the training strategy, they need to make choices in sync with the curriculum, mentoring and the support system. The involvement of all the parties brings a refreshing level of transparency to the present education system. It is important and relevant in today’s context as it is making the learner and the parent’s – partners in learning.
Personalized learning combined with eLearning will take the pupil to the next level in today’s automated world. You will now think ‘Why you need to adopt eLearning for your kids’? This is a very important question in today’s world of augmented reality. Online learning broadens the scope of academic learning and upgrades the learning experience. It is advantageous for both, tutors and pupils as it increases the scope for exchanging information and teamwork through state of the art multimedia tools. There are abundant online resources available to make the personal learning environment for a pupil fruitful. In today’s technically advanced world, students are intrigued by eLearning methods and find online education accommodative and convenient.
These are some of the major reasons for adopting it.
Opportunity for sharing perspectives
Students have an extensive range of communication in the online world, whether it is between pupil to pupil or tutor to pupil. The diverse multimedia tools available can be used to present views, understanding others’ ideas, debate and deliberate over issues. eLearning gives you a world with no geographical barriers or physical restrictions. The students can enjoy an amazing platform of knowledge where they can explore innovative ideas and insights about any topic under the sun and learn through communication and collaboration.
In sync with today’s digital life
In recent times life has turned digital. Education through digital media is appropriate for present-day pupils. They can spend time effectively on training, access online platforms for help with the assignments and get expert guidance from scholars and teachers to work upon their weak areas. E-learning has become very trendy in recent times, as it lends a smooth access to the online study activities. Also, online tools like video lectures are an effortless way to stay up to date with topics which students might have missed.
eLearning is convenient for any student as it can be adapted according to different learning styles. A pupil can choose any platform that accommodates his/her pace and style of learning. A learner can be specific about the areas he wants to concentrate on and has the freedom to learn as he is inclined to.
Infinite resources
The online platform for education is like an ocean. As soon as one adopts eLearning they will connect with countless educational sites that offer free help to the pupil who need support for any learning issues. Online libraries are easily accessible where the material for assignments are handy. One could visit sites that offer worksheets and question papers for free. Mostly these sites offer services at very economical prices, this instruction method brings to you a treasure-trove to search, explore and extract information that is required for various subjects. Online evaluation methods and diagnostic tests are another key service provided by some sites, this helps the students to assess their study methods and knowledge so that they can do the needful for improving their knowledge.
Scope of research
This education method has increased the scope of exploring subjects, research on current topics and increasing knowledge in specific topics drastically. A learner can concentrate on courses, classes, and methods that interest him. This will help him/her chart plans for future studies in advance and set goals according to his/her likes and choices.
Flexible timings
A student can indulge in online study, apart from classroom training at any point of time they wish. There is no restriction to their practice timings nor are they bound to learn from a specific tutor. The choice lies with the student about the method and the time they wish to learn according to.
Global exposure
With advanced technological tools, collaboration with people at a global level, exchanging thoughts and views, meeting on various forums and communicating to improved skills. For students to interact with a counterpart from a different part of the world is an amazing experience. This is also great training when a teacher from the other end of the world helps them in improving their knowledge.
Adopting eLearning for students will be very rewarding. Online learning is an extraordinary educational platform which offers students of current digital generation flexibility, an infinite supply of resources, tailored study patterns, free educational assistance, improved interaction capabilities for students, and also a digital frame with a range of research and exchange of opinions and thoughts at a global level.
With everything turning digital in the present-day, education will be inclined towards digital methods in instruction and training. This will make eLearning the most beneficial educational technology in near future. Mark Zuckerberg said, “there is a new trend for personalized learning, now that we have internet and different tools to learn, some students learn better by watching videos and some students learn better by reading books”.

These are some modern facts which state some pertinent statics about this new wave of knowledge.

  1. Using a mobile device increases productivity by 43% showing a direct correlation between productivity and platform.
  2. Mobile learning industry is expected to reach $12.2 billion making eLearning one of the primary sources of learning in our society.
  3. MOOCs are currently used by 8% of companies and the number is expected to double. Such free and accessible courses are promoting learning which means more resources for a business for less money.
  4. Virtual training requires 40-60% less time to complete when compared to classroom training. Hence employees of a company will have sufficient time to apply the concepts they have learned outside the virtual classroom.
  5. Tech giant IBM saved around $200 million by adopting an innovative virtual training program for its employees.
  6. eLearning increases employee engagement by 18% in the workplace. Leading to greater employee retention and a synergy among the employees.
  7. North America holds 53% shares in eLearning across the globe.
  8. 70% professionals use personal devices for business, bringing in a new age of BYOD (bring your own device) is upon us where professional eLearning can be completed outside of the office.
  9. 2018 onwards most professionals will own 3-4 personal mobile devices. This will cause a surge in quantity and quality of electronic platforms.
  10. eLearning courses are eco-friendly as they reduce 90% energy usage since no traveling or paper documentation is required.

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