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In the recent times, many parents have been worried about how rebellious, estranged and careless their teens grow up to become with all the wrong influence flooding the cyber space and their daily lives. Technology has produced

Parental Control Android


Parent App

Kid Control App and Monitoring App just to keep a watch on what their children are up to.

This Parental App allows parents to closely monitor the day to day activities of their teens. Monitoring App also enables parents to set specific parameters on how their kids use their mobiles phones, tablets, and other gadgets. In other situations, when there are small kids at home who have no idea on how to surf the web world, it is important to have a Kid Control App to prevent the children to end up in the wrong websites.
With numerous cyber crimes happening on hourly basis all around the world, it is always important for an individual to protect their personal identity using a good Monitoring App, there are very sensitive information that you might have stored on your smart phone which can be let off easily on the web if you do not protect them with proper Kid Control App. Having a lock to specific apps like the banking apps will prevent you from being hacked by cyber criminals.

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