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The question is abysmal and haunted many parents “how to make children study?” But the parents have to understand every child is unique furthermore each of these children’s approach towards education and learning is unique. Force never had a decisive effect nor contemplates the future of education of these children. The step that can be taken instead is, motivating the child to develop an interest in learning. In this segment, we will share the wisdom of “how to motivate your child”.

But before that, you have to understand that being a student is a difficult role to play! Right from the crèche until graduation they strive hard to compete in every segment of learning that it becomes a complete roller coaster ride for them. There are classes to attend, homework to complete, assignments, projects, science exhibition projects and lots of such compelling tasks all through this journey. Some find a student’s lifestyle easy going; some just convince themselves of the same belief. The major role in a Childs’ education is played by the parent, so it will be wise form their part to understand the different aspect that de-motivates the child. Factors like bullying in the school, low morale of the child due to extensive peer pressure, poor performance in non-academics and all study and no fun can lead to low enthusiasm and poor overall performance. While this entire plot might sound a little scary, technology and experts have made it easy and engaging.

One thing that a student really craves for is a pleasant study environment, and what could be more fun than learning subjects like maths, chemistry, English grammar etc. incorporated into quizzes and games. The strategy is very effective to learn as well as easy and quick to teach those subjects that require deeper understanding and are a bit complex in nature. It is easy to reciprocate that there is no hard and fast rule to follow in the field of learning if the parent like a particular style of learning it is not necessary that the child will follow the same. So forcing them to accept the style will rebind back in repulsion, instead of imposing the situation, working with them to make learning work will show an actual result. But the Brahmastra to use is the involvement of the parent in the process of learning, research shows that involvement of guardians significantly in the school education tend to reflect in their Childs’ grade. Not only academic performance but positivity in the attitude reflects in a child when he is happy and backed by his/her parents. So talk to them on regular basis and spend some quality time with your child it will encourage your child.

With advancements like augmented reality and e-learning, where the whole structure of learning has changed and improved student’s lifestyle positively. In fact, there are lots of Mobile Applications in the market that help find academic information easily on the internet. PiRuby en epitome of child engagement in learning is one such product that outruns all others; with our product, a student can refer any subject at any time.

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