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Hypothetically speaking sometimes it feels like our kids know how to use a smartphone before they learn to speak mom or dad. The kids are way smarter these days, more than we ever were during ours. If we look around we would find kids clenching to some gadget playing games or watching videos. If we look deeply we will find that kids these days are using these gadgets for vivid reasons both in school and at home.
It has become the source of knowledge and entertainment going hand in hand. Sometimes even parents exploit the use of technology to keep the child away from creating chaos while shopping or taking nap or even interacting with one another, a perfect nanny I must say. Students now days are highly influenced by technology which is acting as a double-edged sword for them. Kids and technology walking hand in hand can garner countless possibilities by efficiently using technology. Such as computer is being used to play games both online and offline (it help build hand-eye coordination and some games indulge in physical activities such as dancing), conduct research on various topics and learning a vivid range of activities ranging from a new language to an instrument and much more. Even television plays a major part in screening educational programs such as documentaries, biographies, life skills and hacks.
But the important question now is “Are kids and technology mixing well in the field of education and improving over time or are we just assuming to have caught up with the idea of the use of technologies in education”. In the past, technology in education was a debatable concept amongst the educators, students and the society. Though technologies are entwined in every portion of our culture affecting the way we live, play, work and most notably learn, it is the uttermost necessity in the students’ lives.
We believe everyone had their arguments and views on transforming traditional education into a more modernized education and giving it a touch of technology. So we are outlining top 5 reasons for the need of technology in a child life to fulfill the purpose of education furthermore giving meaning to kids and education.

  • IT (Integrated technology) introduced into the classroom is an astonishing way to connect with the students with different styles.
  • It also results in establishing an opportunity for the students to enhance interaction between classmates and the teacher.
  • Combining new technology like Virtual reality (VR) with traditional teaching methods enhance the scope of learning by giving a remarkable experience thus in the process creating new opportunity. It will also help in providing the most up-to-date information available to the world in the quickest and easiest form possible.
  • Empowering the students with the help of technology has shown incredible sign of creativity and connection within a student.
  • Technologies have made students much more responsible. It also entrusts them to be reliable thus impacting their decision making skill as a consequence taking ownership of the wrongdoing. Now it’s up to the educator to complement proper digital citizenship training to see the best results within education in the country.
There are a huge number of positives and negatives regarding kids and technology walking hand in hand. But the positive side of the use of technology in educationhas outnumbered the negative side as the technology was gradually accepted by the educational institutes. They saw a new revolution being crafted to improvise and explore technology in education. Along with technology, education has transformed into a new medium that leaves us with no doubt of great advancement in technology along with education. Technology and education work a great combination when used in balance for the right reason and thus creating a vision which is fulfilling and yet magical.
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