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Ever heard of the law of motion, the law of relativity or the Doppler Effect? Ok, this one here is about the law of attraction? Yup, you heard us right! Imagine having a

science app

to help you explore the different interesting theories that science has introduced to us to date.

Science App

characterizes Science as the way toward watching and scrutinizing our general surroundings. The term science itself originates from a Latin word that implies learning. The names of many branches of science end with ology, which means “study of” in Greek.

Science app

talks about Scientific methods that are used to gain new knowledge, the scientific method consists of asking a question and proposing a possible solution called a hypothesis. Testing the hypothesis through a series of experiments, examining the results of the experiments to see if the hypothesis has been supported or refuted and then proposing a new question or a new hypothesis.

Physics can be broadly broken down into three main parts
  • Classical physics
  • Quantum physics and
  • Relativity
Classical Physics
Though the first branch of physics is the most boring, it is one and the only one that you can observe by yourself science app helps you in the adventure ride of modern physics,
Such as Newton’s law of motion which says that objects will move if you kick them and that if you punch somebody they will punch you back with the same force. No matter how ugly you are you still attract the entire universe towards yourself with a force inversely proportional to the distance.
Classical physics also talks about electromagnetism, thanks to it your phone works, also thanks to it the universe exists. Electromagnetism describes how electric and magnetic fields which are in fact the same thing and can be summarized as electrons and photons doing weird stuff.
Science app also talks about thermodynamics which tries to explain why you shouldn’t jump in lava. Thermodynamics also says that entropy tends to get higher which will result in an inevitable death of the entire universe called the heat death.
Classical physics also have optics which is pretty much studies on how light behaves when it passes through glass.
The next big pillar of physics is relativity – relatively speaking there is this scientist Albert Einstein who comes and says that light speed which is 299,792,458 m/s is constant. Einstein also criticized Newton’s practice of physics, he explained gravity is not a force, it is the curvature of space-time itself.
Quantum Physics
Next, we have in physics is Quantum Mechanics, that talks about infinite versions of you and the core of Rick and Morty. The Standard Model of elementary particle says that there are at least 13 types of particles,
  • First, we have Fermions.
  • Six types of Quarks
  • Six types of Leptons
  • Four types of Gauge Bosons and
  • One Scalar boson.
Some basic fun fact about the elements
  • Gluons obviously make glue
  • Photons make photon Cannons,
  • Electrons make electricity.
  • The Muon is basically Electrons overweight and unstable counterpart.
  • The Tau is basically the Electrons super-ultra-overweight counterpart. It is also really suicidal and doesn’t like to live for a long time, the longest it has been recorded to live is just 0.00000000000003 seconds.
  • Electron neutrino, Muon neutrino, and Tau neutrino-like to pass through everything without interfering with anything.
  • Z Boson and W Boson are just boring.
  • The entire Quarks makes up protons and neutrons.
  • The Higgs Boson just makes you fat.
Physics also talks about the String Theory which replaces all the elementary particles with really small vibrating strings. Different particles, different vibrations. It also argues that there are 11 spatial dimensions instead of three.
Physics also talks about the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, which states that you cannot physically know both the position and the momentum of a quantum particle at the same time.
Quite complicated isn’t it? I can understand. But with PiRuby’s science app even the complex of science will be made easy to indulge you in fun-filled experience, you can expect it to be clear as H20 once you indulge in the state of the art learning option available with PiRuby.


Science app says, “if there’s one word that describes biology, it is complexity”. Cells are the smallest things that we think can be counted as life. Unfortunately, there isn’t a good definition of life that everyone agrees on. For example, viruses, evolve and replicate but they need other life to do so. Are they alive? Sort of but not really.
Biology is mainly divided into five segments:
  • Inside Cell
  • Genetics
  • Organisms
  • Medical
  • Pre-historic study
Inside Cell
The establishment of all life is the cell, they’re incredibly complicated molecular factories and cellular biology studies the structure and functions of the many different things inside a cell. Cells were developing for more than 3 billion years until the point when multicellular creatures gave the idea that is more than 66% of the age of the earth, so no big surprise. They’re so jumbled and cells are the littlest things that we think can be considered life, sadly, there isn’t a decent meaning of life that everybody jibe on.
Science app talks about how your DNA holds the outline of your identity, and hereditary qualities are the investigation of how DNA is communicated to make the greater part of the diverse types of life through qualities, and how this data is passed on starting with one age then onto the next.
The organism is any contiguous living system such as an animal, plant or bacterium. Every single known kind of life forms are prepared to do some level of reaction to stimuli, reproduction, development, and improvement, and homeostasis. An organism consists of one or more cells, when it has one cell it is known as a unicellular organism, and when it is more than one it is known as a multicellular organism. Most unicellular creatures are of the tiny size and are thus classified as microorganisms.
Science app explains how expanded life expectancy of people has been helped essentially by biomedical research: attempting to discover approaches to handle the reasons for ailments and passing. This traverses numerous territories from essential research to growing new medicinal gadgets and better approaches for finding and diagnosing diseases. Or on the other hand growing new medications through clinical trials in the pharmaceutical business.
Pre-Historic Study
There’s a huge amount we still don’t understand about how life works, how it started and how it ended up with intelligent apes like us who are able to look back and try and work it all out. I feel like we’ll be making new biological discoveries for many years to come.


The universe is made of matter. 98 percent of the issue overlooking the dark matter is unadulterated hydrogen and helium, yet fortunately billions of years ago supergiant stars intertwined the hydrogen and helium into the various components and after that detonated them everywhere throughout the universe and that is the place chemistry originated from. Science app talks about how these components gathered together in a vast array of various particles. These atoms joined with each other in a fabulous number of confused ways.
Science app talks about energy also determine when compounds will exist in the different forms, solid, liquid or gas. The form they’ll be found comes from the temperature that they’re at and the pressure that they’re under. The values vary for each material but in general, things are solid at low temperature and or high pressure and gas at high temperature and low pressure.
Science app teaches you about “Oxidation” which means a loss of electrons from a substance and a “Reduction” meaning the gain of electrons and they must happen together. Research in chemistry looks at how these rules apply in different chemical systems.
Biochemistry and Organic take a gander at the science of living things and inorganic science takes a gander at everything else, in spite of the fact that there is as yet a lot of hybrids.
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