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Pre University College, popularly known as the ‘PUC’ is the most popular option after Class 10. This indeed can be called an upgrade in your life, where you explore new educational options along with a dream of building the best platform for your future.Ranging between Science, Arts and Commerce, PUC courses offer you lots of sub-branches from within these fields.


Commerce App

for Students help them understand and identify their strengths and weakness in specific streams in Commerce. It is also a very crucial time for students to realize their true potential, as schools these days are a lot more pampering compared to old school habits. Students opting for PUC following the CBSE Science syllabus would however have a very strong foundation for higher education while the students from a state board (SSLC) would find it hard to sail through.

This is the driving force for us to develop this wonderful product at PiRuby to help all students gain complete access to all educational contents online under our roof. PUC is seen as a basic qualification for individuals striving to make a career in any field of work. So we prepare you to stand out as the best of your abilities and have a fruitful educational experience with us.

PiRuby is the perfect Tool to Discover Educational Content from Textbooks. Learning and Excellence Made Easy… Really Easy!