12th Exam

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Higher secondary exam or 12th exam is the backbone of higher education a determiner of your future prospect. The last leg of school education and its exams, the stepping stone for College education and when the exam bell rings reminding you of the last call and the hustle of the time is near all you need is to take the driving seat and buckle up for the roller costar ride. 12th commerce offers you the learning of basic subjects like, accounts, economics, business studies, computer studies and history and sometimes maths (depending on the subject taken by the student).
The need of the hour is time and it keeps on slipping out of the hand like sand. Say you need to clarify a minuscule doubt on a topic of a given subject; you rush to your school/tuition teacher meaning wasting you time to travel to reach them. Time during this hour is luxury that you can’t afford to waste. To maximize the output of the visit you need to have all your doubts handy and collected, losing or forgetting a simple doubt will create a whirl of doubts and hamper your study. 12th commerce study material provided by PiRuby app cut short your chase and make it available at your study table.
The radical technological advancement and cutting edge technology of PiRuby brings the classroom to you. By bringing Note-to-refer as the new form of interactive learning in the hour of need, build up an interactive environment for the student to clear the cloud of doubt during time crunch. PiRuby is the beacon of enrichment, enlightenment and knowledge, to help you avert the stress of exams. You can find related topics, question papers, quizzes and much more on the PiRuby app. With its personalized learning experience, you will gain great confidence and can also prepare for your boards.
Commerce subject like accountancy need special guidance for both the theoretical prospect as well as the practical approach for the learner to understand the subject PiRuby gives the student a firm grip in the basic principles of accountancy and the methodologies used to evaluate the understanding of the financial information.
Economics is another form of social studies which has a greater impact on every individual. Since there is a constant change in the transition of world economy a ground education is very much becomes essential PiRuby mainly focuses on providing the learner the platform to acquire analytic skill to understand and educate themselves about the economic realities.
A business study is the study of different aspects of business that influence technology, human ambition and natural resource at its disposal in a perpetually evolving Global climate. PiRuby provides the students with an easy to understand framework of how a business operates along with a detail study of the organizational management (business and management) and it’s synergy with the environment.
Information practice and Mathematics are all about practical knowledge and need constant observation step by step. PiRuby offers a detailed insight on different terminology and operation handling of a computer along with step by step explanations of a given arithmetic.
PiRuby gives you the diversity to learn from different educator to get in-depth knowledge on the subject. As visual education is the effective mode of learning PiRuby aspire to make learning fun and delightful by influx of short and animated video lectures for both practical and theoretic understanding. As visual interface are tempting and can be easily registered by human brain, critical and confusing topics are trimmed and segmented to make learning easily for the student. Expert professional and research scholars from respective subject, with comprehensive understanding, knowledge and experience engage with the learners to answer their query and clear their doubt. PiRuby also helps the student prepare for the Board exam by offering strategy and tips to gear up for the board exam.
Students can share videos of business case studies and accounting tutorials and study together to understand difficult topics using the PiRuby commerce app. They can eradicate the nervous breakdown during the exam hours by preparing using PiRuby app to build up confidence and polish themselves before the exam starts. So if you are tenacious to get the result that you deserve download PiRuby app, your personal educational genie.

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