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A biome is a zone with comparative populaces of living beings. This can without much of a stretch be seen with a group of plants and creatures. Remember that a community is all of the populations of different species that live in the same area and interact with one another.

The distinctions in the biomes are because of contrasts in the abiotic factors, particularly atmosphere. Atmosphere is the normal climate in a range over a drawn out stretch of time. The climate includes the amount of rainfall and the average temperature in the region.

There are into two major groups of biomes:

1.Terrestrial biomes, which are arrive based, for example, leaves and woodlands.
2.Aquatic biomes, which are water-based, for example, lakes and lakes.

*A biome is an area with similar climate that includes similar communities of plants and animals.
*Climate influences the types of plants and animals that inhabit a specific biome.


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